Key Tutorial and Lecture Readings

In order for the lectures and tutorials to make sense, it is necessary to consult the weekly reading which all are expected to do. Also, a question is provided for the tutorial in order to focus discussion. The weekly question may be used as the starting off point for the tutorial presenter. All the key readings are in Open Reserve.
Week 1 

27 July

Topic: Introductory remarks

Key Reading: Kejoa, George. 1990. "Australia’s proper role in the South Pacific: A personal perspective". In Grant McCall (General Editor), Sydney talk. Kensington, Centre for South Pacific Studies. Pp. 1-5.


Campbell, I. C. 1998. "Anthropology and the professionalisation of colonial administration in Papua New Guinea". The Journal of Pacific History 33: 69–90.

Escobar, Arturo. 1991. "Anthropology and the development encounter: The making and marketing of development anthropology". American Ethnologist 18: 658-682.

Errington, Frederick & Deborah Gewertz. 1996. "The individuation of tradition in Papua New Guinean modernity". American Anthropologist 98: 114–126.

Truman, Harry S. Inaugural Speech of 20 January 1949. (W1940)

Week 2

3 August

Topic: The General Picture: How the Pacific has come to be what it is today

Key Reading: Davidson, J. W. 1966. "Problems of Pacific History". The Journal of Pacific History 1: 5–22.


Chezneaux, Jean. 1991. "The function of the Pacific in the French Fifth Republic’s ‘grand design’: Theory and practice of the ‘puissance mondiale moyenne’". The Journal of Pacific History 26: 256–272.

Denoon, Donald. 1996. "Pacific Island history at the Australian National University". The Journal of Pacific History 31: 202–214.

Fry, Greg 1997. "The South Pacific ‘experiment’". The Journal of Pacific History 32: 180–202.

Week 3

10 August

Seminar: PATA — Pacific & Asia Travel Association: Tourism in the Pacific Islands

Key Reading: Helu–Thaman, Konai. 1993. "Beyond Hula, hotels and handicrafts: A Pacific Islander’s perspective of tourism development". Contemporary Pacific 5: 102–111.


Errington, Frederick & Deborah Gewertz. 1989. "Tourism and anthropology in a post–modern world". Oceania 60: 37–54.

Jolly, Margaret. 1994. "Kastom as commodity: The land dive as indigenous rite and tourist spectacle in Vanuatu" In Lamont Lindstrom & Geoffrey M. White (eds), Culture, kastom, tradition. Developing cultural policy in Melanesia. Suva, Institute of Pacific Studies 131–144.

Mansperger, Mark C. 1995. "Tourism and cultural change in small–scale societies". Human Organization 54: 87–94.

Webb, Terry D. 1994. "High Structured tourist art: Form and meaning of the Polynesian Cultural Centre". The Contemporary Pacific 6 259–86.

Week 4

17 August

NB: No Lecture or Tutorial This Week

Topic: No Lecture or Tutorial: Visit the Museum of Sydney and observe how the Pacific Islands ere a common feature of life in the late 18th and 19th centuries.

Key Reading: Miriam Kahn. 1995. "Heterotropic dissonance in the museum representation of Pacific Island cultures". American Anthropologist 97: 324–338.


Jenkins, David. 1994. "Object lessons and ethnographic displays: Museum exhibitions and the making of American Anthropology". Comparative Studies in Society and History 36: 242–270.

Mané–Wheoki, Jonathan. 1995. "The resurgence of Maori art: Conflicts and continuities in the eighties". The Contemporary Pacific 7: 1–20.

Thomas, Nicholas. 1996. "Cold fusion". American Anthropologist 98: 9–16.

Week 5

24 August

Seminar: Seminar: AusAID (Sydney): Development matters

Key Reading: Downer, Hon. Alexander. 1996. "1996 Distinguished Lecture". Text of a speech delivered by Hon. Minister for Foreign Affairs, University of New South Wales, 18 July 1996.


The Australian. Special Survey on the South Pacific. The Australian 19 July 1996: 18–20.

Bilney, Hon. Gordon. 1995. New directions in Australia’s overseas aid program. Canberra, AIDAB (Ministerial Policy Paper and Fifth Annual Report to Parliament on Australia’s Development Cooperation Program).

Sharrad, Paul. 1990. "Imagining the Pacific". Meanjin 49: 597–606.

Week 6



Topic: Colin Mellor (Sydney): Islands development

Key Reading: Baré, Jean–François. 1992. "Talking economics in Tahitian: A few comments". Pacific Studies 15: 1–24.


Newbury, Colin. 1996. "Mammon in Paradise: Economic enterprise in Pacific historiography". Pacific Studies 19 37–58.

Rapaport, Moshe. 1995. "Pearl farming in the Tuamotus: Atoll development and its consequences". Pacific Studies 18: 1–25.

Tilley, 1997. "Performing culture in the global village". Critique of Anthropology 17: 67–90.

Week 7

7 September

Seminar: Jari Kupiainen (University of Joensuu): Doing visual anthropology in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands: Carvings, charms and cameras

Key Reading: Nichols, Bill. 1997. "Dislocating ethnographic film: In and out of Africa and issues of cultural representation". American Anthropologist 99: 810–824.


Morphy, Howard. 1994. "The interpretation of ritual: Reflections from film on anthropological practice". Man (N.S.) 29: 117–146.

Farnell, Branda M. 1994. "Ethno–Graphics and the moving body". Man (N.S.) 29: 929–974.

Weiner, James F. 1997. "Televisualist anthropology: Representation, aesthetics, politics". Current Anthrology 38: 197–235.

Week 8

14 September

Seminar: Alan Sonter (Seventh Day Adventist Church): Seventh Day Adventist Church and development in the South Pacific: Health and Education

Key Reading: Van Der Geest, Sjaak. 1990. "Anthropologists and missionaries: Brothers under the skin". Man (N.S.) 25: 588–601.


Garrett, John. 1982. To live among the stars. Christian origins in Oceania. Geneva, WCC Publications, and Suva, Institute of Pacific Studies.

Garrett, John. 1992. Footsteps in the sea. Christianity in Oceania to World War II. Suva, Institute of Pacific Studies in association with World Council of Churches.

Garrett, John. 1997. Where nets were cast. Christianity in Oceania since World War II. Suva, Institute of Pacific Studies in association with World Council of Churches.

Goldsmith, Michael & Doug Munro. 1992. "Conversion and church formation in Tuvalu". Journal of Pacific History 27: 44–54.

Hays, Terence E. 1991. "‘No tobacco, No hallelujah’: Missions and the early history of tobacco in Eastern Papua". Pacific Studies 14: 91–112.

Week 9

21 September

Topic John Connell (University of Sydney): Bougainville: New directions?

Key Reading: Strathern, Andrew J. & Pamela J. Stewart. 1998. "Shifting places, contested spaces: Land and identity politics in the Pacific". The Australian Journal of Anthropology 9: 209–224.


Filer, Colin. 1997. "The Melanesian way of menacing the mining industry". In Ben Burt & Christian Clerk (eds.), Environment and development in the Pacific Islands. Pacific Policy Paper 25. Canberra, National Centre for Development Studies, and, Port Moresby, University of Papua New Guinea Press. Pp. 91–122.

Hyndman, David. 1994. "A sacred mountain of gold: The creation of a mining resource frontier in Papua New Guinea". The Journal of Pacific History 29: 203–221.

Ogan, Eugene. 1966. "Drinking behavior and race relations". American Anthropologist 68: 181–187.

Ogan, Eugene. 1996. "Copra came before copper: The Nasioi of Bougainville and plantation colonialism". Pacific Studies 19: 31–52.

Oliver, Douglas. 1991. Black islanders. A personal perspective of Bougainville 1937–1991. South Yarra, Hyland House.

Mid-Session Recess • 30 September to 5 October
Week 10

6 October

NB: No Lecture or Tutorial This Week. Think about a visit to the Sydney Fish Markets for "Sea Harvest"

Seminar: No seminar this week, but here are some sources on dependency and "sustainable development"

Key Reading: Campbell, I. C. 1992. "A historical perspective on aid and dependency: The example of Tonga". Pacific Studies 15: 59–76.


Autumn, Suzanne. 1996. "Anthropologists, development and situated truth". Human Organization 55: 480–484.

Brookfield, Harold. 1988. "Sustainable development & the environment". Journal of Development Studies 25: 126-135.

Hau‘ofa, Epeli. 1993. "Our sea of islands". The Contemporary Pacific 6: 148-161. vs. Keesing, Roger M. 1993. "A tin with the meat taken out: A bleak anthropological view of unsustainable development in the Pacific". In Ton Otto (ed.), Pacific Island Trajectories. Five personal views. An Occasional Paper of the Department of Anthropology, Research School of Pacific Studies, The Australian National University in association with The Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Nijmegen. Pp. 29–55.

Pokawin, Stephen Polonhou. 1993. "Shaping and reshaping of the Pacific: The perpetual European influence". In Ton Otto (ed.), Pacific Islands trajectories. Five personal views. Canberra, Department of Anthropology, Australian National University. Pp. 153—175.

Week 11

12 October

Topic: Jacqui Guy (Australian Catholic University, Sydney): Solomon Islands health

Key Reading: Bloom, Abby L. 1987. "Health and nutrition in the Pacific: problems and policy issues". In C. D. Throsby (ed.), Human resources development in the Pacific. Pacific Policy Papers Nº 3. Canberra, National Centre for Development Studies. Pp. 53–85.


Health workforce planning, training guide. World Health Organisation, 1996.

Guiart, Jean. 1993. "Unsteady concepts in the South Seas". In Ton Otto (ed.), Pacific Islands Trajectories. Five personal accounts. Canberra, Department of Anthropology, Australian National University. Pp. 98–152.

Marshall, Mac, Rocky Sexton & Lee Insko. 1994. "Inhalant abuse in the Pacific Islands: Gasoline sniffing in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia". Pacific Studies 17: 23–38.

Nakajima, Hiroshi. 1981. "WHO and the international health cooperation: Towards the twenty–first century". Proceedings of the XVII Pacific Science Congress: Towards the Pacific Century: The challenge of change 93–96.

Week 12

19 October

Seminar: Ellen Whippy (Sydney), The missionary enterprise in the Pacific Islands

Key Reading: Kavapalu, Helen. 1993. "Dealing with the dark side in the ethnography of childhood: Child punishment in Tonga". Oceania 63: 313–329.


Aucoin, Pauline McKenzie. 1990. "Domestic violence and social relations of conflict in Fiji". Pacific Studies 13: 23–42.

Counts, Dorothy Ayers (Guest Editor). 1990. "Special issue: Domestic violence in Oceania". Pacific Studies 13 (Nº 3).

Kavapalu, Helen. 1993. "Dealing with the dark side in the ethnography of childhood: Child punishment in Tonga". Oceania 63: 313–329.

Meggitt, Mervyn. 1990. "Injured husbands and wounded wives: Mae Enga responses to adultery". The Australian Journal of Anthropology 1: 96–109.

Thomas, Nicholas. 1992. "Contrasts. Marriage and identity in Western Fiji". Oceania 62: 317–329.

Week 13

26 October

Seminar: Michael Atherton (University of Western Sydney): Sounding Oceania. Musical instruments and sound producing objects held in the Australian Museum Key Reading: Moulin, Jane Freeman. 1997. "Gods and mortals: Understanding traditional function and usage in Marquesan musical instruments". Journal of the Polynesian Society 106: 250–283.


Crowe, Peter. 1981. "After the ethnomusicological salvage operation — what?". Journal of the Polynesian Society 90: 171–182.

Donner, William W. 1987. "‘Don’t shoot the guitar player’: Tradition, assimilation and change in Sikaiana song performances". Journal of the Polynesian Society 96: 201–222.

McLean, Mervyn. 1968. "An investigation of the open tube Maori flute or Kooauau". Journal of the Polynesian Society 77: 213–241.

Week 14


NovemberNB: Takes place at Customs House, Circular Quay

Seminar: Jim Specht (Australian Museum): Pacific Island artefacts Key Reading: Price, Richard & Sally Price. 1995. "Executing culture: Musée, Museo, Museum". American Anthropologist 97: 97–109.


Brown, Michael F. 1998. "Can culture be copyrighted?" Current Anthropology 39: 193–222.

Losche, Diane. 1995. "The Sepik gaze: Iconographic interpretation of Abelam form". Social Analysis 38: 47–60.

Losche, Diane. 1996. "The impossible aesthetic: The Abelam, the Moa bird and me". Oceania 66: 305–311.

Week 15
Final Paper Due 9 November. Give yourself a treat! "Angels from Heaven: A Pacific Island Choir" performs at the Casula Powerhouse on Saturday 14 November. Bookings on 9824 1121.

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