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Compiled by Dr Karen Peacock

Pacific Curator, Hamilton Library

University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

Email: peacock@hawaii.edu






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South Pacific bibliography.  Suva: USP Library, Pacific Information Centre, 1982-    . *Pacc Z4501 .S78

latest = 1996/97








Bibliography of periodical articles relating to the South     

Pacific.  Suva, Fiji:  University of the South Pacific Library, 1974-1978. 5v.  Pacc Z4501 .B54




South Pacific periodicals index.  Suva,1984-    .

*Pacc Z4501 .B54

Continues Bibliography of periodical articles relating to the South Pacific.  Latest rec'd is 1987/88.


Note:  for current material consult UH=s Haw/Pacific Journal Index






Fiji handbook business and travel guide.  Sydney; NY:  Pacific      Publications, 1980-    .  *Pacc DU600 .H3 (1993 latest)


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Pacc DU600 .F49  (1999 latest)


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Also HL.







Fiji Times

Suva, Fiji, 1869-    .  Daily.  Pacc Newspaper Stacks.


Fiji=s Daily Post

Suva, Fiji, 1989-    .  Daily.  Pacc Newspaper Stacks.


Islands Business

Suva, Fiji, 1982-2001.  Monthly.  Pacc HF4032 .S68


Review (Suva, Fiji)

Suva, Fiji:  Associated Media, 1992-    .  Monthly.

Pacc HC685.5 .A1 R48






Country profile.  Fiji,  Solomon Islands, Western Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga.  London:  EIU, 1986-    .  Annual.  Companion to Country report (see below). *Pacc HC681 .A1 Q372


Country report.  Pacific Islands:  Fiji, Solomon Islands, ...       London:  Economist Intelligence Unit, 1997-    .   Quarterly  *Pacc HC681 .A1 Q37  See also annual edition under

HC681 .A1 Q372


Fiji.  Bureau of Statistics.

Current economic statistics.  Suva, Fiji, 1969-    .

Pacc HC687 .F5 A13  (Mar. 2000 latest)


Fiji facts and figures.  Suva, Fiji:  Bureau of Statistics,

1969-    .  Pacc DU600 .A2 F46 (latest is 1999)


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Fiji economic report.   Honolulu:  Bank of Hawaii, 1993-   

*Pacc HC685 .O86 1998 






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Pacc GN671 .F5 S2  Also HL


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Pacc DU1 .O23 no.31


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Pacc DU600 .W72 1982  Also HL.


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To do and to be:  ceremonial exchange under urban circumstances in Fiji.  Oslo, Norway:  Dept. of Social Anthropology, Univ. of Oslo, 1988.  272p.  Pacc GN671 .F5 W55 1988







Bavadra, Timoci Uluivuda.

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Pacc DU600 .I75 1988  Also HL.


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Pacc HC685.5 ,K58 1987


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Pacc DU600 .L28 1992  Also HL.



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__________, ed.

Crossing the Kala Pani: a documentary history of Indian indenture in Fiji.  Canberra, ACT: Div. of Pacific & Asian History, Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies, Australian National University; Suva, Fiji: Fiji Museum, 1998.  328p.  Pacc HD4875 .F5 C76 1998 Also HL.



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Pacc HD4875 .F5 L35 1983  Also HL.


__________, ed.

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Pacc DU600.7  .M34


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The Pacific way:  a memoir.  Honolulu:  CPIS; EWC; UH Press, 1997.  280p.  Pacc DU600 .M327 1997  Also HL


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Pacc Rare DS597 .N39 1995


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Fijians at war.  Suva, Fiji:  Inst. of Pacific Studies, USP, 1988.  69p.  Pacc D767.99 .F5R3 1988


Scarr, Deryck.

Fiji:  a short history.  Laie, HI:  Inst. for Polynesian Studies, 1984.  202p.  Pacc DU600 .S28 1984  Also HL.


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On the margins of history:  from the Punjab to Fiji.  Canberra:  National Centre for Development Studies, RSPS, ANU, 1991.  142p.  Pacc DS481 .S66 A36 1991


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Fiji=s past on picture postcards.  Suva, Fiji: Caines Jannif Group, 1997.  351p.  Pacc HE6184 .P65 S736 1997







Bain, Kenneth R.

Treason at 10:  Fiji at the crossroads.  London:  Hodder & Stoughton, 1989.  236p.

Pacc DU600.8 .B35 1989  Also HL.


Chand, Ganesh and Vijay Naidu, eds.

Fiji: coups, crises and reconciliation, 1987-1997.  Suva, Fiji: Fiji Institute of Applied Studies, 1997.  189p.

Pacc DU600.8 .F435 1997



Ewins, Rory.

Colour, class and custom:  the literature of the 1987 Fiji coup.  Canberra:  Political and Social Change, Research School of Pacific Studies, ANU, 1992.  79p.

Pacc DU600.8 .E95 1992


Fiji Constitution Review Commission.

The Fiji Islands: Towards a united future: report of the Fiji Constitution Review Commission; Paul Reeves, Tomasi Rayalu Vakatora, Brij Vilash Lal.  Suva, Fiji: Government Printer, 1997.  791p.  Pacc JQ6301 .A3 Z8 1997


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Pacc JQ6301 .E44 1997


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Pacc DU600 .L293 1990  Also HL.


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Rabuka:  no other way.  Sydney; NY:  Doubleday, 1988.  174p.  Pacc DU600.6 .R33 A3 1988 


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Thompson, Peter.

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Letters from Fiji, 1987-1990:  an on-the-spot record of what happened before, between and after two military coups.  Suva, Fiji:  Fiji Times Ltd., 1992.  224p.

Pacc DU600.8 .U74 1992



More letters from Fiji, 1990-1994:  first years under a post-coup Constitution.  Suva:  Information Services South Pacific, 1994.  192p.  Pacc DU600.8 .U744 1994






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