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Compiled by Dr Karen Peacock

Pacific Curator, Hamilton Library

University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

Email: peacock@hawaii.edu






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The Pacific Collection has dictionaries and grammars for all the languages of Micronesia.  On the reference shelves in the Reading Room there are dictionaries for the most requested languages:  Chamorro, Palauan, Kiribati, Kosraean, Marshallese, Pohnpeian, Chuukese, and Yapese.






Telephone directories for most areas in Micronesia are available on the Pacific reference shelf.






Karolle, Bruce G.

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*Pacc DU10 .M67 1986  Also HL Ref.




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*Pacc DU1 .P119 1994  Also HL Ref.





Marianas Variety.  Saipan, 1972-    .  Pac Newspaper Stacks.   Older bound issues under Pacc DU500 .A2M433   Older issues also on microfilm:  S51165


Marshall Islands Journal.  Majuro, Marshall Islands:  Micronitor News and Printing Co., 1980-     .  Earlier years under title Micronesian Independent.  Older bound issues under Pacc DU500 .A2M74.  Older issues also on microfilm:  V90113


Pacific Daily News.  Agana, Guam:  R.E. Vdick, publisher, 1970- .   Older years microfilm:  S90051


Palau Horizon.  Koror, Palau: Island’s Horizon Corp., 1998-    .

Current issues in Pacc Newspaper Stacks.


Saipan Tribune.  Saipan, CNMI: Saipan Tribune, 1990-     .

Current issues in Pacc Newspaper Stacks.


Tia Belau.  Koror, Palau:  Belau Pub. Co., 1992-    .

Pacc DU780 .A2T53

Early years on microfilm: S51007





Isla:  A Journal of Micronesian Studies.   Mangilao, Guam:  Univ. of Guam, 1992-1997.  Pacc DU500 .A2I5


Indexed in H&P Jnl Index.


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Pacc DU647 .A2 L382


Micronesica.  Mangilao, Guam:  Univ. of Guam, 1969-    .

Pacc DU500 .A2 M5


Indexed in H&P Jnl Index


Micronesian Reporter.  Saipan: Trust Territory of the Pacific

Islands.  1951-1980.


Pacc DU500 .M5

Indexed in H&P Jnl Index



STATISTICS  -  General



South Pacific Economies Statistical Summary.  Noumea, New

Caledonia:  South Pacific Commission, 1980-     .  Annual.  *Pacc HC681 .S788   Latest edition on ref. shelf.


STATISTICS  -  Countries



Guam Annual Economic Review.  Agana:  Economic Research Center,  Dept. of Commerce, Govt. of Guam. *Pacc HC687.68 .A17 


Kiribati Statistical Yearbook.  Bairiki, Tarawa:  Statistics Office, Ministry of Finance, 1989-    .  Pacc HA4016.7 .A15 


Marshall Islands Statistical Abstract.  Majuro, Marshall Islands:  Office of Planning and Statistics, 1986-    .  Annual. 

Pacc DU710 .A2M27


National Yearbook of Statistics.  Kolonia, Pohnpei: Office of Planning and Statistics, FSM National Govt., 1982-    .  Pacc HA4010.5 .A27


Pohnpei State Statistics Yearbook.  Kolonia, Pohnpei State, FSM: Office of Budget, Planning & Statistics, 1987-    .  Pacc HA4007 .P6P64 


Statistical Yearbook (Kosrae).  Tofol, Kosrae:  Bureau of

      Planning and Statistics, 1981-    .  Pacc HA4010.5 .Z9K6a 


Statistical Yearbook, Truk State, FSM.  Moen, Truk:  Truk State Office of Planning and Statistics, 1981-    .

Pacc HA4010.5 .Z9T77 


Statistical Yearbook ... Yap State, FSM.  Colonia, Yap State: Statistical Office, 1981-    . 

Pacc HA4010.5 .Z9Y37 1987 






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Strangers in Their Own Land: A Century of Colonial Rule in the Caroline and Marshall Islands.  Honolulu, HI: Center for Pacific Islands Studies, School of Hawaiian, Asian & Pacific Studies, University of Hawaii; University of Hawaii Press, 1995.  473p.  Pacific Islands Monograph Series, no. 13.  Pacc DU565 .H496 1995


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1885-1945.  Honolulu: UH Press, 1988.  382p.  Pacific Islands Monograph Series, no.4.  Pacc DU500 .P43 1988 Also HL.


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Historical Dictionary of Guam and Micronesia.  Metuchen, NJ:  Scarecrow Press, 1994.  172p. 

*Pacc DU500 .W84






Hughes, Daniel T. and Sherwood G. Lingenfelter, eds.

Political Development in Micronesia.  Columbus:  Ohio State Univ. Press, 1974.  333p.  Pacc JQ6451 .A2 H83  Also HL


Issues in Guam’s Political Development: The Chamorro Perspective.

Produced and Published by the Political Status Education Coordinating Commission.  Agana, Guam: The Commission, 1996.  203p.  Pacc DU647 .I88 1996


Leibowitz, Arnold H.

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Pacc JQ6431 .K54 A86 1993



Willens, Howard P. and Deanne C. Siemer.

National Security and Self-Determination: United States Policy in Micronesia (1961-1972).  Westport, Conn.; London:  Praeger, 2000.  281p.  Pacc DU500 .W54 2000 Also HL





Trust Territory Archives - collection of 2,169 reels of microfilm      held at UH Library and in each of the governments of Micronesia. See Voyager menu for index to documents and for digitized database of photographs (originals held in Rare Pacific).  For documents (correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies), see Microfilm V10001. 


Wuerch, William L.

A Bibliography of Manuscripts, Archives and Other Unpublished Materials Relating to Guam and Micronesia in Repositories in the United States.  MARC Working Papers no.56.  Mangilao, Guam: Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam, 1991.  73p.  Pacc DU500 .A15 M37 no.56



Guide to the Manuscripts Collection at the Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam.  MARC Bibliography Series, no.5.  Mangilao, Guam: Richard F. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam, 1998.  35p.  In Process







NOTE:  Asterisk (*) next to call number indicates that book or latest edition of serial publication is on the open reference shelf in the Reading Room of the Hawaiian/Pacific Collections, 5th Floor, Hamilton Library.  


The abbreviation "HL" stands for Hamilton Library.





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