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Hawai‘i and Asia and the Pacific


Fall 2004


Instructors:    Dr. Jon Osorio (course coordinator),  Hawaiian Studies, KCHS 103D, 973-0987, osorio@hawaii.edu

                    Dr. Vilsoni Hereniko, Pacific Islands Studies, Moore 212, 956-2658, vili@hawaii.edu

        Dr. Mimi Sharma. Asian Studies, Moore 218, 956-2689, sharma@hawaii.edu


M/W/F: 10:30-11:20, Moore 228                       Office Hours: Please make appointments


         It is commonly thought that Asia, the Pacific, and the Hawaiian Islands represent three separate and, perhaps, unconnected regions.  Yet all three are intimately related.  Learning about issues common to all three areas will bring about a greater understanding of the setting within which we and the University of Hawai‘i operate.  This Honors course presents a critical examination of issues relating to past traditions and their contemporary forms, the historical transformations of colonialism, and current issues as they are worked out within the context of globablization.  Specific attention is paid to indigenous perspectives and voices.


         The main objectives of the class are to acquaint you with the focus regions, to create an understanding of the commonalities and differences among them through comparative study, and to encourage a thoughtful and critical approach to the issues and different perspectives presented.  We also hope to encourage your independent initiative in pursuing topics of particular interest.


         HAPS 297 is an experimental course being offered the second time round.  We welcome your constructive suggestions and critique at the end of the semester.  Mahalo.


Course Structure


         The course is divided into three units arranged around the following themes:


1.     Historical roots of interaction in the region

2.     Dynamics and transformations of colonialism

3.     Contemporary issues


Each instructor will present and lead discussions on his/her own area of expertise (i.e.., Osorio on Hawai’i, Hereniko and others on the Pacific, Sharma on Asia).  “Bookend lectures” are to provide a link between themes.  You are encouraged at all times to take an active part in discussion through questions, opinions, and critical reflection of the readings and topics under consideration.


Online Component

         The course is presented online at the class website. This is an important site where course information and materials will be posted; it is also where we encourage online discussion of topics considered or your thoughts on other issues that may also be brought up in class.  Be sure to consult it regularly, before class.

Course Assessment


Attendance/Class Participation


Midterm 1


Midterm 2 


Group Web Project 


3 Exercises 



300 points


270-300=A; 240-269=B; 210-239=C; 180-209=D; <180=F


Required Readings

Haunani-Kay Trask, From a Native Daughter (1999)

‘Oiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal (vol. 1, 1998)

Richard Kim, Lost Names (1998)

Arundhati Roy The Greater Common Good  (1999) [available online]


*Other Readings (either distributed in class or available online)





Aug    23 M  Introduction to the class and genealogy exercise


25 W   Bookend Lecture 1a.  “Locating Ourselves“                Osorio/Sharma

                           Readings:   *Remenbrance of Pacific Pasts, 35-42

       * Jerry Bentley, “Asia in World History,” 5-9



 27 F   Koihonua: the story of Papa and Wakea                        Osorio

                  Readings:  *Pacific Century, 17-28

                                   *Wolpert, “The Ecological Setting,” 2-13

                                   ‘Oiwi, 18-35

                                    Trask, 87-101  



Aug    30 M  Discuss Genealogy exercise                                       Assignment 1 due


Sep     1 W    Asia Before European Hegemony                                Sharma

                           Readings:   *Carolyn Heinz, “Asia as a Cultured Space,” 13-36


         3 F     Navigators of the Pacific                                           “The Navigators”

                           Readings:   *Cambridge History, 37-50


Sep     6        Labor Day


         8 W    Maritime Settlers, Trade & the Sea                              Sharma

                           Readings: *Pacific Century, 56-68

                                          *Janet Abu-Lughod, “Indian Ocean System,” 267-284


            10 F    Voyaging & Exchange: Moikeha, Hilo, and Cook              Osorio 

                           Readings:    tba


Sep      13 M  The Pacific Before the Horror                                    Hereniko

                           Readings:   *”Our Sea of Islands, 148-161

                                            *”Pasts to Remember,” 1-16

                           Optional:   * “Representations of cultural identities,” 406-434


            15 W   Religions and Beliefs in Asia                                      Sharma

                           Readings:  *Rhoads Murphey, “Asian Religions & Their Cultures,” 22-42


            17 F    The Ahapua’a and subsisting on the land                       Osorio        

                           Readings: ‘Oiwi, 147-154


Sep     20 M  Bookend Lecture 1 b. Indigenous Approaches to the Past        Osorio

                           Readings: *Remembrance of Pacific Pasts, 78-91


         22 W   Multi/Ethnicities and Cultural Identities in Asia               Sharma

                           Readings:*Carolyn Heinz, “ Tribal Peoples,” 78-115


24   F   Video: Pele’s Appeal

Readings:   Notes from a Native Daughter, 123-136


Sep     27 M           MIDTERM 1


         29 W   Bookend Lecture 2a. Colonialism and Disruption                 Sharma

                           Readings:   *Rhoads Murphy, “The West Arrives in Asia,” 219-239


Oct     1 F     Haole Perceptions of ‘Oiwi: Cook, Bingham & Others       Osorio

                           Readings:   *”Pacific Islands Encyclopedia,” 147-173


Oct     4 M    Colonial Process in Southeast Asia                              Sharma

                           Readings:  *George Orwell, “Shooting an Elephant,” 1936


         6 W    Colonialism and the Pacific Experience                          Hereniko

                           Readings:   *”Towards a New Oceania,” 9-19


         8 F     Conversions of Spirit and Place                                  Osorio

                           Readings:   *Contemporary Pacific, 359-379


Oct     11 M  Colonialism: political & economic changes                      T. Wesley-Smith

                           Readings:   *Pacific Islands Encyclopedia, 229-241; 334-335


         13 W   India as Colonized                                                  Sharma

Readings:   *Pavan K. Varma, “ The Relevance of Beginnings, 1-24


         15 F    The Plantation Legacies: land & capital concentration        Osorio

                           Readings: “Supplement to Plantation Legacies”


Oct     18 M  Cultural Change in the Pacific: Tales From the Tikongs      Hereniko

                           Readings:   Tales of the Tikongs

                                            *”Pacific Island Literature,” 47-49


         20 W   Japan as Colonizer                                                 Sharma

                           Readings:   Lost Names


         22 F    War and Militarism in Hawai‘i & the Pacific                   Osorio



Oct     25 M  Bookend Lecture 2b: Colonialism in and of Asia                  Sharma

                                    Assignment 2 Due


         27 W            Midterm II


         29 F    Bookend Lecture 3a. Value of Cultural Studies in Hawai‘i    Osorio

                           Readings:   *The Contemporary Pacific, 381-404


Nov    1 M    Contemporary Issues in the Pacific                              Hereniko

                           Readings:   *”Beyond Hula, Hotels….” 104-111


         3 W    Dragons Sleeping and Awake: Developing Asia                Sharma

                           Readings:   “The Greater Common Good”


         5 F     Power and Development                                          Osorio

                           Readings:   Review Tales of the Tikongs, 11-26, 83-93

                                            *Remembrance of Pacific Pasts, 333-337


Nov    8 M    Cultural Revitalization                                             Geoffrey White

                           Readings:   Review “Our Sea of Islands”



         10 W   U.S. Militarism in Asia                                            Sharma

Readings:   *Chalmers Johnson, “ New Preface,” and “Okinawa: Asia’s Last Colony,”  14pp, 34-64


         12 F    The “Peaceful Sea:” Pearl Harbor to Kaho’olawe: “Kupa’a ‘Aina   Osorio

                           Readings:   From a Native Daughter, 65-87


Nov    15 M  Indigenous Filmmaking in the Pacific                   Hereniko

                           Readings:   *”Representations of Pacific Islanders…,” 18-20

                                            *”In Whose Face? on the work of Alan Duff,  398-412


         17 W   Popular Culture in Asia: Bollywood or Bust!!                 Sharma

                           Readings:   * Explore at least 3 of the following websites—

History of Bollywood:  http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Subway/1940/bollypoem.html

Complete History of Bollywood:  http://www.indiainfoline.com/sect/mefi/ch02.html

Filmfare Magazine:


Lagaan:  http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0219/halter.php




         19 F    Democratic Revolution in Hawai‘i                               Osorio


Nov    22 M  Postcolonial Movements in the Pacific                          T. Wesley-Smith

                           Readings:   *”Scholarship from a Lazy Native,”


         24 W   Gender Issues in Asia                                              Sharma

                           Readings:   *Yayori Matsui, “Trafficking in Women,” 13-30


         26 F    Thanksgiving


Nov    29 M  Engendering the Pacific                                               Caroline Sinaviana

                           Readings:   *tba


Dec    1 W    Globalization & Asian Reaches into the Pacific                Sharma

                           Readings:   *Karen L. Miller, “The New Buzzword: Globaloney,” 5pp

        *Pai, “Inside the Grim World of the Gangmasters,” 10pp


         3 F     Race, Justice, Democracy and other Issues                     Osorio

                           Readings:   ‘Oiwi, 194-213


Dec    6 M    Bookend Lecture 3b                                              Osorio/Sharma


         8  W   Class Party


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