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ENG 201.161

Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY






MW 4-5:15


A Brief Course Description:

The second part of the college English requirement, this course is both a writing course and an introduction to appreciation and interpretations of literature. In this class, we will also explore writing via electronic correspondence among ourselves and with other classes.


Required Texts:

Figiel, Sia. Where We Once Belonged. New York: Kaya, 1996.


Meyer, Michael. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing. 5th ed. Boston, MA: Bedford, 2000.


Course Requirements:

1. Essays: You are expected to write four expository essays of 500 words or so (two type-written pages, in 12-point font size, for the take-homes), responding to one suggested topic, and one research paper of 4-6 pages (1000-1500 words).  All these assignments should be handed in (punctually, of courses) type-written and double-spaced on 8.5”x11” paper.


2. Reading Logs & Quizzes: For each reading assignment, you need to record your thought (response, reaction and/or question[s]) and hand in your “log” before it is due for discussion. There is no limit in length, and I do not grade logs. However, I do check logs thoroughly. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated and, indeed, will be marked. In addition, there will be unannounced quizzes on readings.


3. Attendance and Participation: Your participation in class is essential. That, of course, entails good preparation, attendance, and punctuality. Part of your good preparation may be demonstrated through voluntary class presentations. You may not start off as well as you would like to, but the progress you make throughout the course matters more than your initial performance.


4. Conference: I would like to talk to you individually about your research paper at least once before you begin writing. There will be scheduling for individual conference about half way into the semester.


5. The final exam in this course takes the form of a research paper, and there will be quizzes on the readings from time to time.



1. 40% for four expository essays (10% each);

2. 30% for the final research paper;

3. 15% for attendance and participation;

4. 15% for reading logs and quizzes.


(Note: At times, I give a double grade for the expository essay. In these cases, the first grade is for content and organization, and the second for grammar and correctness.)


A Tentative Syllabus


01/29 Introduction (I)

Diagnostic Writing

01/31 Introduction (II); "The Story of an Hour" (10-12)




02/05 Short Story/Fiction: "Nilda" (Handout)


02/07 "A Rose for Emily" (71-77)




02/12 College Closed


02/13 "The Tenant" (99-105)

First Essay Topic

02/14 "The Lesson" (159-64)




02/19 No Classes (President's Day)


02/21 “Bartleby, the Scrivener" (110-34)

First Essay Due



02/26 "Battle Royal" (199-209)


02/28 "No Name Woman" (Handout)




03/05 "The Birthmark" (277-288)

Second Essay Topics

03/07 "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"(328-39)

Research Paper Prep (1)



03/12 "An Ounce of Cure" (364-71)

Second Essay Due



03/14 Selection from "The Future of American Fiction," New Yorker (June 21 & 28, 1999)




03/19 Where We Once Belonged


03/21 Where We Once Belonged




03/26 Where We Once Belonged

Third Essay Topics

03/28 Where We Once Belonged




04/02 Where We Once Belonged

Third Essay Due

04/04 Where We Once Belonged

Research Paper Prep (2): “Works Cited”



04/09-11 Spring Recess




04/16 Drama: M. Butterfly (1213-33)

Fourth Essay Topics

04/18 Drama: M. Butterfly (1234-52)




04/23 Drama: M. Butterfly (1252-58)

Fourth Essay Due



04/25 Poetry: Shakespeare, Marvell




04/30 Poetry: Whitman, Cummings, Eliot


05/02 Poetry: H. D., Plath, Brooks, Giovanni

Research Paper Prep (3): Outlining



05/07 Poetry: Emily Dickinson

Research Paper Draft

05/02 Poetry: Langston Hughes




05/14 Poetry: contemporary poetry (TBA)



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