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Literatures of the Archipelagoes: Caribbean and Pacific

ENGL 490


Spring 2000


Wed 12:20-2:15pm/GS156

Prof: Elizabeth DeLoughrey                            

Office Phone: 255-3411

Email: emd23@cornell.edu                            

Mailbox: Dept of English, 250 Goldwin Smith Hall


The islands of the Pacific and Caribbean share similar histories of European colonization and complex patterns of migration, diaspora, "ex-isle" and settlement. As a series of small nations connected by the migratory paths of the sea, their literatures are often categorized under the rubric of regionalism. In Barbadian Kamau Brathwaite's definition, "tidalectics" draw upon "the movement of the water backwards and forwards as a kind of cyclic motion, rather than linear." This course will examine how seas and oceans facilitate these patterns of dispersal and immigrant landfall in both archipelagoes. We will look at the ways bodies of water are theorized by Paul Gilroy, Antonio Benitez-Rojo, Edouard Glissant and Pacific writers Epeli Hau'ofa, Witi Ihimaera and Albert Wendt. Literary readings will include poetry by Derek Walcott, Brathwaite, Grace Nichols, Teresia Teaiwa,and novels/short stories by Ihimaera, Wendt, Ana Lydia Vega, and Edwidge Danticat.


Required Texts:

Andrew Salkey Anancy - Traveller

Florence Johnny Frisbie - Miss Ulysses of Puka Puka

Witi Ihimaera - The Whale Rider

Albert Wendt (ed.)  - NuaNua: Pacific Writing in English Since 1980

Anthony Winkler - The Painted Canoe

Patricia Powell - The Pagoda

Satendra Nandan - The Wounded Sea

Electronic Reserve Readings (ER) available in Uris Library


Required Films (Uris Library)

I is a long memoried woman Video 1987

The Navigators Video 982

Caribbean Eye: Talk and more Talk, Video 2078, Tape 4

Sons for the return home


1/26 Week One: Intro to the Course: Migration, Territoriality, Nationalism

and Regionalism


2/2Week Two: Territoriality and Tidalectics

Liisa Maalki “National Geographic” (ER)

Glissant Readings: selections from Caribbean Discourse and Poetics of

Relation (ER)


2/9 Week Three: Black Diaspora

Gilroy - Introduction to The Black Atlantic (ER)

Nichols - I is a long memoried woman (ER) and Film version


2/16 Week Four: Brathwaite˜- The Arrivants

Kamau Brathwaite poetry: “Islands” “The Cracked Mother” “The Emigrants” and


Benitez-Rojo - Introduction to The Repeating Island (ER)


 2/23 Week Five: Caribbean Diaspora and Refugees

Ana Lydia Vega – “Cloud Cover Caribbean”(ER)

Edwidge Danticat – “Children of the Sea”(ER)

Glissant – “The Open Boat” Poetics of Relation (ER)

Short Response Paper Due (#1)


3/1 Week Six: The Caribbean and Caribbea:

Salkey Anancy - Traveller

Film Caribbean Eye: Talk and more Talk (Tape 4)


3/8 Week Seven: The Sea is History

Derek Walcott – “The Schooner Flight” and “The Sea is History”(ER)


3/15 Week Eight: The Fisherman

Winkler  - The Painted Canoe


3/29 Week Nine: Pacific Migrations and Voyaging

Wendt – “Towards a new Oceania” (ER)

Hau‘ofa – “Our sea of islands” (ER)

Film: The Navigators

Wendt – “Inside us the Dead” (ER)

From NuaNua: Hau‚ofa – “To the Last Viking”

Tom Davis – “Vaka”

Optional: Pio Manoa – “Laucala Bay” and Teaiwa poetry (ER)

Midterm Essays Due


4/5 Week Ten: Imagining Oceania

Sharrad – “Imagining the Pacific”(ER)

Hau‘ofa – “The Ocean in us” (ER)

Nandan  - The Wounded Sea


4/12 Week Eleven: Maori Migrations and Voyaging

Ihimaera - The Whale Rider

Selections from Sorrenson – “The Coming of the Maori ” Maori origins and migrations (ER)

"Riding Someone Else's Waka" - Bella Te Aku Graham (ER)


4/19 Week Twelve: Gender and Pacific Migration

Frisbie - Miss Ulysses of Puka Puka

Handout: Paul Sharrad article

Response #2 Due


4/26 Week Thirteen: Gender and Pacific Migration continued

Vanessa Griffen – “Putting our minds to alternatives,” A New Oceania(ER)

From NuaNua: Jully Makini - “Roviana Girl”

Florence Syme-Buchanan “Boat Girl”

Sudesh Mishra - “Beachcombers”

Konai Helu Thaman - “Langakali”


5/3Week Fourteen: Gender and Caribbean Migration

Patricia Powell - The Pagoda

Sons for the Return home


Electronic Reserve Readings:


1. Grace Nichols - I is a long memoried woman:

2. Teresia Teaiwa  - Searching for Nei Nim‘anoa

3. Paul Gilroy – “The Black Atlantic as a Counterculture of Modernity” The Black Atlantic

4. Epeli Hau‚ofa – “Our Sea of Islands,” Asia/Pacific

5. Vanessa Griffen – “Putting our Minds to Alternatives,” Our Sea of Islands

6. Paul Sharrad – “Imagining the Pacific,” Meanjin

7. Epeli Hau‚ofa – “The Ocean in us,” Dreadlocks in Oceania

8. Albert Wendt – “Towards a new Oceania,” Readings in Pacific Literature

9. Liisa Maalki – “National Geographic,” Gupta & Ferguson, eds. Culture, Power, Place:

10.Edwidge Danticat – “children of the sea,” Krik?Krak

11.Kamau Brathwaite - poems from The Arrivants:

12.Antonio Benitez-Rojo - Introduction to The Repeating Island

13. Edouard Glissant - Selections from Caribbean Discourse:

14. Glissant - From Poetics of Relation:

15.Derek Walcott - Collected Poems:

16. Albert Wendt – “Inside us the dead”

17. Ana Lydia Vega – “Cloud Cover Caribbean” from Her True True Name

18. Selection from MPK Sorrenson - Maori Origins and Migrations


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