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Pacific Literature

ENGL 373 Decolonising Literatures

8 credit points, One 3-hour seminar per week


Instructor:  Dr Paul Sharrad

Head, English Studies

University of Wollongong

Email: psharrad@uow.edu.au



one 'background' quiz (15%), 1 seminar paper (2,000 words min. 35%), one essay (3,000 words, %45), class participation (5%)


Course description:

A one-semester exposure to Pacific Basin writing from a representative range of genres and geographical sources. The primary focus will be on works in English by ethnically indigenous writers, but students' are encouraged to apply their own expertise in vernacular and 'white' literatures of the Pacific. Courses will look at themes and literary techniques common to the region as well as specific qualities related to the societies from which works emerge.


Objectives: students will acquire:

1          an understanding of the concerns and techniques of individual works of literature

2          an ability to relate the works to their general social and cultural context

3          a general awareness of the historical relationships amongst works in the field and between the field and the rest of literature in English

4          some knowledge of the theoretical problems inherent in establishing a field such as 'Pacific literature' within institutionalised structures of study


Class schedule:

Week 1            Introduction: the field, history, myth, reaction

Week 2            R.M. Ballantyne, The Coral Island

Week 3            Harry Dansey, Te Raukura [supplied]

Week 4            Chris Perez Howard, Mariquita

Week 5            early writing [handbook]

Week 6            selected drama [handbook]

Week 7            film Tukana

Week 8            later writing Te Rau Maire

------------Easter break--------------

Week 9            later writing  Bamboo Ridge

Week 10            film Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree

Week 11            Sia Figiel, Where we Once Belonged

Week 12            later writing [handbook]

Week 13            review


final date for submission of all work: Friday, June 9


References:            * = on reserve

basic references

*Subramani, South Pacific Literature: from Myth to Fabulation ,   Suva: University of the South Pacific, 1985

*Paul Sharrad (ed) Readings in Pacific Literature, 1993

*Rob Wilson & Vili Hereniko,  Inside Out: Literature, Cultural Politics and Identity in the New Pacific



            *Pacific edition of CRNLE Reviews Journal, 1989

            *Pacific edition of New Literatures Review, 1989

            *Pacific issue of Meanjin, 4, 1990.

            *Pacific issue of Wasafiri, 25 Spring 1997.

            *Pacific Issue of Manoa, summer 1993  

            *Norman & Ngaire Douglas,Pacific Islands Yearbook

            Bill Pearson, Rifled Sanctuaries. Auckland UP, 1984

            Rod Edmond, Representing the South Pacific, 1997

            Vanessa Smith, Literary Culture and the Pacific, 1998

            Norman Simms, Silence & Invisibility, 1985

            Norman Simms, Writers from the South Pacific, a bio-

            bibliographical critical series of essays on 80 leading writers, Washington: Three Continents, 1989

            Bernard Smith, European Vision and the South Pacific, 1960

            Ron Crocombe, The South Pacific: an Introduction, 1983

            any historical survey of the Pacific

            e.g., *Glen Barclay, A History of the Pacific, 1968

                        Deryk Scarr, A History of the Pacific Islands

                        K.R. Howe, Where the Waves Fall

            critical material scattered through journals such as:

                        Mana, South Pacific Creative Arts Society, Fiji

                        Bamboo Ridge, Honolulu, numbers 13 & 15

                        Pacific Quarterly, Moana, Hamilton NZ

                        World Literature Written in English, Guelph, Canada

                        Journal of Commonwealth Literature, UK

                        Kunapipi, Aarhus , Denmark

                        Landfall, Christchurch NZ

                        Papua New Guinea Writing, Port Moresby

                        Kovave, Port Moresby PNG

                        Ondobondo, University, PNG

                        Bikmaus, Boroko PNG

                        Span, South Pacific Association for Commonwealth Language and Literature Studies

                        Commonwealth/Echos du Commonwealth, Dijon France

                        New Literatures Review, Pacific numbers, 9 and 17

            background material in Pacific Islands Monthly



Reserve Collection:

(articles in folders)

Peter Simpson “The Short Story of the Pacific”

Paul Sharrad “Looking Down at Waves” (poetry reviews)

Isenhagen “Fables of Interculturality”

Paul Sharrad “Imag(in)ing the Pacific”

Review of “Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree” (the book)

Pio Manoa “Singing in the Genealogical Trees”

Richard Hamasaki “Dancing Yet to the Dimdim’s Beat”

Bill McGaw “ PNG Poetry”

Paul Sharrad “PNG Short Stories”

Sina Vai’ai “ Creative Writing in West Polynesia”

Epeli Hauofa “Our Sea of Islands”


a sampling of other commentary:

Simon During, review of Subramani's South Pacific Literature, Landfall 163, 41/3, 1987, p.358

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            Stephen Sumida, And the View from the Shore



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Echos du Commonwealth  no8, special Albert Wendt number with select bibliography

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other anthologies:

            Witi Ihimaera & Don Long (eds) Into the World of Light: an anthology of Maori Writing, Auckland: Heinemann1982

            Albert Wendt (ed) Lali: a Pacific Anthology Auckland:  Longman Paul, 1980

            Ulli Beier(ed), Black Writing from New Guinea, UQP, 1973

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Ganga Powell (ed.), Through Melanesian Eyes, Melbourne: Macmillan, 1989

            Regis Stella, Moments in Melanesia OUP, 1994


upload: 08/21/2002

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