SOCA2204 • Pacific Island Research Fieldwork

GENT1205 • Experiencing the Pacific Islands through fieldwork

Field Diary & Notebook

Due not later than the end of 5pm Friday 17 December 1999

The Field Diary and Notebook is a daily log of your observations during the field trip which should be descriptive, analytical and reflective.

Printed Submission Options

a) Submit such work with a Stamped Self Addressed envelope and it will be posted to you when the assessment is completed. If you are uncertain of the weight, you may use an Australia Post "Express Delivery" satchel. The one permitting up to 3kg should be adequate for most.

b) Submit such work without a Stamped Self Addressed envelope and you must make an appointment with the School administration to collect your work after assessment.

Faculty and School general policy on extensions shall apply for work not submitted on time. All work not submitted according to this policy will receive the grade of AF for absent work.

Please Keep a Copy of Your Field Diary


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