Packing suggestions

A reasonable standard of health and mobility is suggested for all participants. Participants should be able to move over rough ground easily and be able to swim. Apart from that, please remember that we are guests in the New Caledonia and that our behaviour will appear as strange to people there as theirís does to us. A high level of tolorance and a good sense of humour should be part of your kit.

A single soft bag with a shoulder strap will ease moving about, with a separate smaller bag for passport, money and other immediate necessities.

The people of Tendo and their neighbours at Bas Coulna are all members of the Free Protestant Church and do not normally drink alcoholic beverages. Chief (of Tendo) Bealo Tein Elia, with whom I spoke in November 1998, would prefer that participants in our fieldwork party did not drink alcohol.

Some other suggestions:
q Sturdy shoes in good repair

q Jeans for usual wear; a pair of shorts for Nouméa if desired

q Swimming costume

q Not more than 3 of any item of clothing

q Sun hat

q One towel

q Light jacket/rain gear

q A single, light sheet or a "Sleep Sheet" from the YHA ($22.40)

q Small "first aid" kit, with a dozen plasters, Savlon or similar and a dozen Panadeine or similar, in a plastic bag, along with

q Matches

q Sun block

q Imodium or similar

q Aerogard or similar

q Wrap around ("Pareau")

q 1 roll toilet paper

q Good knife

q Camera and supply of film

q Suitable notebook(s), pens & pencils

q Sunnies plus extra pair if prescription

q Small torch & batteries

q Bottle & tin opener

q 1 packet mosquito coils

q Personal requirements q "snap lock" plastic bags

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