Suggestions for project paper

The paper derives from your fieldwork. You may wish to use additional supporting reading material, but this is not necessary. The Project Paper, in contrast to the Field Diary & Notebook, is an analysis of your field experience, using the standard essay style. Some of the approaches you might take are:

1). Consider differences between "town" and "bush" behaviour. Choose three areas for interview and observation, being quite specific about the data you use.

2). You will visit two Kanak cultural centres (Centre Culturel Goa Ma Bwarhat in Hienghène & Jean Marie Tjibaou Centre in Nouméa) and two European style institutions (Nouméa City Museum, New Caledonia Territorial Museum in Nouméa). Compare and contrast any two of these institutions for the story they have to tell.

3). How do people think of their "family"? What are the terms used to distinguish family members from outsiders? Are there terms for kin groupings in the vernacular? Do these kin terms reflect different kinds of behaviour? How do kin terms relate to interests in land or other resources?

4). Participant/observation and interviewing are two of the main methods used in fieldwork. Evaluate these two methods, discussing their positive and weak points.

5). Discuss three aspects of the Kanak struggle for independence and how these have been related over time.

6). During the fieldwork, you will be visiting two Kanak villages, Bas Coulna and Tendo. Take three characteristics of these settlements and compare the two places, based upon your field research.

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