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Oceanic Governments

Political Science 322

Usually offered at BYUH every Winter Semester.

Professor: Dr. Jon Tikivanotau M. Jonassen
Brigham Young University-Hawai'i Campus
55-220 Kulanui
La'ie, HI 96762
Tel (808) 293-3835
Fax (808) 293-3888

Course Description and Objectives

This course examines the governments and politics of the island societies of Oceania by surveying current issues. The course is designed to provide an introduction to all Pacific Islands microstates and territories and it highlights national and regional approaches to existing problems.

Required Texts, Sources and/or Recommended Readings: (Selective and subject to change each year).

Alailima, Fay et al. (1994). New Politics in the Pacific. Suva: IPS.

Cole, R. V & Tambunlertchai, S. (Eds.)(1993). Pacific Islands at the Crossroads? Aust: APDC/NCDS.

Crocombe, Ron. (1989). The South Pacific. Longman Paul.

Crocombe, Ron et al. (1988). Micronesian Politics. Suva: IPS/USP.

Douglas, Norman & Ngaire. (1995). Pacific Islands Yearbook. Angus and Robertson.

Fairburn, Teo et al. The Pacific Islands Politics, Economics and International Relations. Hawaii: EWC.

Howe, K.R., Kiste, R.C., & Lal, B.V. (Eds.)(1994). Tides of History. Australia: UH Press.

Jonassen, Jon Tikivanotau. (Producer). (1995). Akamarokura: the Investiture of Mere maraea Makea Nui Ariki. Videotape. Hawaii: BYUH.

NZ Govt. (1986). Atlas of the South Pacific 2nd ed. Wellington: Govt Printing Office.

Robertson, D. (Edit.). (1995). Pacific Studies. Selected issues. Hawaii: IPS/BYU.

[Subject: Political Science]

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