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The Contemporary Pacific: A Journal of Island Affairs provides a publication venue for interdisciplinary work in Pacific studies with the aim of providing informed discussion of contemporary issues in the Pacific Islands region. It features refereed articles that examine social, economic, political, ecological, cultural, and literary topics. This award-winning journal also includes political reviews, book and media reviews, resource reviews, and a dialogue section that allows flexible publication of diverse genres of writing, including interviews and short essays. Issues also highlight the work of Pacific Islander artists. The Contemporary Pacific has its own editorial board as well as an international board of correspondents who advise on editorial matters and generally further the aims of the journal. The journal is copublished by the University of Hawai‘i Press (UHP) and follows the UHP Journals Department ethical guidelines.

Special Issues

Occasional special issues focus on a particular current issue or series of events, sometimes under guest editorship. Nine have appeared to date: the Fiji Coups (2:1, 1990); the crisis in Bougainville (4:2, 1992); logging in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu (9:1, 1997); migrant labor and tourism in Palau (12:2, 2000); Native Pacific cultural studies (13:2, 2001); decolonizing Pacific studies (15:1, 2003); mining in Melanesia (18:2, 2006); Oceanic masculinities (20:1, 2008); a collection of essays, short stories, poetry, and art in honor of Albert Wendt (22:2, 2010); global sport in Oceania (26:2, 2014); and the French-speaking Pacific (27:2, 2015).


Submissions must be original works not previously published and not under consideration or scheduled for publication by another publisher. See recent issues for examples of the range of approaches and topics addressed. Manuscripts should be 8,000 to 10,000 words, or no more than 40 double-spaced pages, including references. Entire manuscript, including references and notes if any, should be double-spaced; 1-inch margins on all sides; left margin justified and right margin “ragged” (not justified); all pages numbered. Editorial style follows the Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed, 2003), and spelling follows Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed, 2003). Please see also the TCP Manuscript Preparation and Style Guide. For further information about submissions, contact the journal editor, Alexander Mawyer, Center for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, 1890 East-West Road, Moore Hall 211, Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96822; telephone (808) 956-6077; fax (808) 956-7053; e-mail

Subscriptions and Online Access

To subscribe to The Contemporary Pacific, or to order individual issues, see the ordering information page on the University of Hawai'i Press website or contact the Journals Department, University of Hawai'i Press, 2840 Kolowalu St., Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822; telephone (808) 956-8833; fax (808) 988-6052; toll-free in the United States/Canada only, telephone 1-888-UHPRESS (847-7377) or fax (800) 650-7811; or e-mail

The Contemporary Pacific (from volume 12 [2000]–present) is also available to members of subscribing institutions via the Project MUSE database of journals in the humanities and social sciences. Back issues of the journal are freely available via the ScholarSpace digital institutional archives.

The University of Hawai‘i Press Journals Department website provides tables of contents for all issues since 1999, with article abstracts and the full text of book and media reviews, as well as information for contributors and subscribers. Political reviews for the current issue are posted on the Pacific Islands Report website.



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