Pacific Places Curriculum Unit

The Pacific Places curriculum unit addresses three Hawai'i Department of Education (DOE) benchmarks for the seventh-grade Pacific Islands Studies course: the World in Spatial Terms (PI.7.1) benchmark and two Human and Physical Characteristics in Spatial Terms benchmarks (PI.7.2 and PI.7.3). The unit is designed as a self-contained package that can be used by teachers who are new to the Pacific Islands as well as by those who are familiar with the Pacific. The unit, which contains four lessons and takes twelve classroom periods, includes procedures/activities, resources/tools, and assessment instruments.

Pacific Places draws on the skills and experience of curriculum development specialists (Donna Mills and Pauahi Baldomero-Kazunaga), classroom teachers (Nino Murray and Peter Wagner), and Pacific specialists (Julie Walsh and Tisha Hickson). Donna Mills was the coordinator for the project, which was made possible by a US Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center grant to the Center for Pacific Islands Studies (CPIS) at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. Teachers Renee Adams (Kalama Intermediate, Maui), Tracy Palmgren (Ilima Intermediate, O'ahu), and Sean Johnston (Washington Middle, O'ahu), in addition to Murray and Wagner (Waiakea Intermediate, Hawai'i) pilot tested the lessons.

Please contact Katherine Higgins if you have any questions or feedback.

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