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pacific islands monograph series list

  1. The First Taint of Civilization: A History of the Caroline and Marshall Islands in Pre-Colonial Days, 1521–1885, by Francis X Hezel, SJ (1983).
  2. Where the Waves Fall: A New South Sea Islands History from First Settlement to Colonial Rule, by K R Howe (1984), UH Press edition out of print. Copublished with Allen & Unwin, Sydney.
  3. Wealth of the Solomons: A History of a Pacific Archipelago, 1800–1978, by Judith A Bennett (1987).
  4. Nan’yō: The Rise and Fall of the Japanese in Micronesia, 1885–1945, by Mark R Peattie (1988).
  5. Upon a Stone Altar: A History of the Island of Pohnpei to 1890, by David Hanlon (1988), out of print. PDF available via the UH Manoa's digital archive, ScholarSpace.
  6. Missionary Lives: Papua, 1874–1914, by Diane Langmore (1989), out of print. PDF available via the UH Manoa's digital archive, ScholarSpace.
  7. Tungaru Traditions: Writings on the Atoll Culture of the Gilbert Islands, by Arthur F Grimble, edited by H E Maude (1989). Copublished with Melbourne University Press.
  8. The Pacific Theater: Island Representations of World War II, edited by Geoffrey M White and Lamont Lindstrom (1989). Copublished with Melbourne University Press out of print. PDF available via the UH Manoa's digital archive, ScholarSpace.
  9. Bellona Island Beliefs and Rituals, by Torben Monberg (1991).
  10. Not the Way It Really Was: Constructing the Tolai Past, by Klaus Neumann (1992).
  11. Broken Waves: A History of the Fiji Islands in the Twentieth Century, by Brij V Lal (1992).
  12. Woven Gods: Female Clowns and Power in Rotuma, by Vilsoni Hereniko (1995).
  13. Strangers in Their Own Land: A Century of Colonial Rule in the Caroline and Marshall Islands, by Francix X Hezel, SJ (1995 [cloth] out of print; reissued [paper] 2003).
  14. Guardians of Marovo Lagoon: Practice, Place, and Politics in Maritime Melanesia, by Edvard Hviding (1996).
  15. My Gun, My Brother: The World of the Papua New Guinea Colonial Police, 1920–1960, by August I K Kituai (1998).
  16. The People Trade: Pacific Island Laborers and New Caledonia, 1865–1930, by Dorothy Shineberg (1998).
  17. Law and Order in a Weak State: Crime and Politics in Papua New Guinea, by Sinclair Dinnen (2000).
  18. An Honorable Accord: The Covenant between the Northern Mariana Islands and the United States, by Howard P Willens and Deanne C Siemer (2001).
  19. Colonial Dis-Ease: US Navy and Health Policies and the Chamorros of Guam, 1898–1941, by Anne Perez Hattori (2004).
  20. Imagining the Other: The Representation of the Papua New Guinean Subject, by Regis Tove Stella (March 2007).
  21. Songs from the Second Float: A Musical Ethnography of Takū Atoll, Papua New Guinea, by Richard Moyle (July 2007).
  22. The Other Side: Ways of Being and Place in Vanuatu, by John Patrick Taylor (July 2008)
  23. Jean-Marie Tjibaou, Kanak Witness to the World: An Intellectual Biography, by Eric Waddell (September 2008)
  24. Repositioning the Missionary: Rewriting the Histories of Colonialism, Native Catholicism, and Indigeneity in Guam, by Vicente M Diaz (July 2010)
  25. Cultures of Commemoration: The Politics of War, Memory, and History in the Mariana Islands, by Keith L Camacho (February 2011)
  26. Colonialism, Maasina Rule, and the Origins of Malaitan Kastom, by David Akin (September 2013)
  27. The Kanak Awakening: The Rise of Nationalism in New Caledonia, by David Chappell (November 2013)
  28. Remaking Pacific Pasts: History, Memory, and Identity in Contemporary Theater from Oceania, by Diana Looser (forthcoming)

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