Spotlight on the Philippines – 3 Films


This year’s SPOTLIGHT ON THE PHILIPPINES brings 3 films that showcase two major hitters in the Philippine box office and 1 crime drama that premiered at the Toronto and Busan Film Festival last month and from one of the most celebrated Pinoy directors working today. In addition to these 3 films, we also have a psychological and spiritual horror film that is included in our HIFF EXTREME section, presenting midnight movies from all over the world, as well as one of the most celebrated films of 2014, which makes its return as part of HIFF’s NETPAC 25th anniversary celebration.

Therefore, check out this year’s Filipino films playing a this year’s HIFF (and with trailers)!

Please click this Link for trailers of these three films.

THE COFFIN MAKER:  In one of the most highly praised Filipino films of last year, a hard-working father tries his best to raise a young daughter alone in a rural area, but he is ill-prepared for what fate throws their way. The film takes us on a deeply emotional journey, free of cliché and sentimentality, slowly unveiling the struggles of a man who must confront his guilt and remorse. This return engagement screens as part of the 25th NETPAC Anniversary film series.

HENERAL LUNA:  In 1898, General Antonio Luna, commander of the revolutionary army, is spoiling for a fight. The Philippines, after 300 years as a Spanish colony, has unwillingly come under American rule. General Luna wants to fight for freedom, but members of the elite would rather strike a deal with the US. The infighting is fierce in the new cabinet but Luna and his men forge ahead even as his decisions are met with resistance from soldiers loyal to President Aguinaldo.

HONOR THY FATHER: Kaye and Edgar are a pair of married white-collar swindlers, who have cashed in on promoting an investment scheme to their friends and fellow Pentecostal parishioners. But when they run afoul of their latest victims, their devout investors turn on them. When the tension erupts into violence, Edgar decides to seek the aid of his criminally inclined family. HONOR THY FATHER is the latest crime drama from celebrated Filipino director Erik Matti.

KID KULAFU:  Before he became one of the world’s greatest boxers, Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao was a young boy living a hand-to-mouth existence, trying to survive one day at a time. When he discovers his natural talent for boxing, he embarks on a brutal and intense journey that takes him from the mountains of the Philippines to the streets of Manila, and must risk everything to become a champion – for himself, his family, and his country.

VIOLATOR:  A devastating typhoon is sweeping over the Philippines, slowly approaching Manila. As if they sensed the final judgment looming, some of the city’s inhabitants behave in ways that are hard to explain. The intriguing mosaic of stories gradually leads us to a police station where the night shift is forced to wait out the forces of nature, while a new prisoner sitting in one of the cells appears to be connected to the mysterious powers concentrated in the storm.