Executive Council

The CPS By-Laws enjoins the center to establish an executive council (Execon) with representatives selected from constituent units and departments in the university, including the community and outside organizations. The representatives are selected by their own units. In addition, there are at-large members who are appointed by the Execon. These units include the Asian Studies Program of SPAS, Filipino Language and Literature Program, Ilokano Language and Literature Program, Humanities, Social Sciences, Ethnic Studies, SEED (Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity), Library, East-West Center, and a representative from the Hawaii Filipino community like Filcom.

Currently, the Execon members are:

  • Vina Lanzona - CPS Director & Chair
  • Patricio Abinales - Asian Studies
  • Amy Agbayani - SEED
  • Aurelio Agcaoili - Ilokano Program
  • Rose Churma - Filcom Center
  • Maria Elena Clariza - Library
  • Gerard Finin - East-West Center
  • David M. Forman - Law
  • Imelda Gasmen - Filipino Program
  • Vernadette Gonzalez - American Studies
  • Merle Koury - Nursing
  • Rod Labrador - Ethnic Studies
  • Federico Magdalena - CPS
  • Jeffrey A.S. Moniz - Education
  • Aaron Rom Moralina - Student representative
  • Clem Montero - Secretary