Courses in Philippine Studies

Philippine Studies as a field of study at UHM -

  • Philippine Studies can be taken as a field of concentration for a B.A. Asian Studies major, or for an M.A. in Asian Studies. Doctoral students can take courses and write their dissertations on the Philippines, but the degree is in the discipline, e.g., Ph.D. in Linguistics, Political Science, Economics, etc.
  • There is another B.A. in Philippine Languages and Literatures in both Filipino and Ilokano offered by the Department of Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures, College of Languages, Literature and Linguistics.
  • Students currently taking their M.A. in Asian Studies can pick up a Graduate Certificate in Philippine Studies after 18 credits. Graduate students in other departments or colleges (e.g. Business Administration, Education, etc.) are also eligible for the Certificate after consultation with the Center.

Courses with substantive content (at least 25%) on the Philippines/Filipinos at UHM are listed below.

(These courses are not identified as Philippine Studies courses in the University Catalog or other announcements. They carry the name of the department offering them, for example, Asian Studies (ASAN), Political Science (POLS), etc. See UH Catalog for full description of courses.)


  • ANTH 446 Southeast Asian Cultures
  • ANTH 461 Southeast Asian Archaeology
  • ANTH 486 Peoples of Hawaii
  • ANTH 487 Philippine Culture and Society


  • ASAN 320P Asian Nation Studies: Philippines
  • ASAN 393P Asian Field Study: Philippines
  • ASAN 491P Islam in the Philippines
  • ASAN 491P Mindanao/Hawaii Sovereignty & Identity
  • ASAN 493 Globalization in Asia: The Philippines and Southeast Asia
  • ASAN 496 Religions of Island Southeast Asia
  • ASAN 620P Problems/Issues of Contemporary Asia: Graduate Seminar on Philippine Topics
  • ASAN 750P Research Seminar in Asian Studies: Philippines


  • DNCE 307 Philippine Dance I
  • DNCE 407 Philippine Dance II


  • ECON 415 Asian Economic Development
  • ECON 458 Project Evaluation & Resource Management
  • ECON 611 Economic Development Policy
  • ECON 638 Environmental Resource Economics
  • ECON 650 Theory of Public Finance - Expenditure


  • EDEF 360 Intro to Multicultural Education
  • EDEF 470 Ethnic Groups and Education in Hawai'i


  • ES 301 Ethnic Identity
  • ES 333 Filipinos in Hawai'i
  • ES 360 Immigration to Hawai'i
  • ES 380 Field Work in Ethnic Studies
  • ES 495 Hawaiian Labor History


  • FIL 101/102 Elementary Filipino
  • FIL 201/202 Intermediate Filipino
  • FIL 301/302 Third-Level Filipino
  • FIL 451 Structure of Tagalog/Filipino
  • FIL 462 Tagalog Traditional Literature.
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  • HIST 294 History of the Philippines
  • HIST 406 Modern Philippines
  • HIST 655 Seminar: Island Southeast Asia
  • HIST 656 Topics in Southeast Asia


  • IP 273E Intro to Indo-Pacific Language & Culture: Philippines
  • IP 363 Philippine Literature in English
  • IP 367 Modern Philippine Drama & Film
  • IP 396 Philippine Literature/Folklore in Translation


  • ILO 101/102 Elementary Ilokano
  • ILO 201/202 Intermediate Ilokano
  • ILO 301/302 Third-Level Ilokano
  • ILO 401/402 Fourth-Level Ilokano
  • ILO 424 Intro to Ilokano for Interpreters
  • ILO 451 Structure of Ilokano.
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  • LING 102 Intro to Study of Language
  • LING 346 The Philippine Language Family
  • LING 640G Topics in Linguistics: Gen. and Misc.
  • LING 770 Areal Linguistics: Philippines


  • MUS 478G Musical Cultures: Philippines


  • POLS 307B Topics in Comparative Politics: Southeast Asia
  • POLS 307G Topics in Comparative Politics: Philippines
  • POLS 305 Global Politics/Comparative
  • POLS 680 Asian and/or Pacific Politics: Philippines


  • SOC 456 Ethnicity and Racism in Hawaii

    Directed Reading Courses (499 and 699) are available in various departments with instructor's consent.

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