Research Grants

The following research grants are open to all UH students dealing with topical research regarding the Philippines or Filipinos. Applicants from other institutions or countries are not eligible.

Only student applicants on good standing can apply for one grant at a time, and is limited by the maximum amount stipulated in each grant.  One who submits an application for two or more grants will be automatically rejected.

Foreign students, or those from another university in the United States, may not apply.

Also, please note that CPS does not fund or reimburse projects that are already done, for example seminars attended previous to the application.

Deadline: April 2 (or first Monday after Spring Break). Please submit your proposal earlier or 30 days before the event (conference or travel). Late submissions will not be considered.

Please contact us regarding questions on procedures or eligibility at (Ms. Clemen Montero) or telephone (808) 956-6086 or ask (Dr. Federico Magdalena).