Student Awardees

The following is the list of fellowships and grants awarded to students up to 2023:

Belinda A. Aquino Philippine Studies Award

  • J. P. Alonzo, Public Administration
  • Jayson Parba, Languages
  • Marie Jocelyn Marfil, Music
  • Jeannie Magdua, Asian Studies
  • Sharon Estioca, Linguistics
  • Jake Atienza, Sociology

Ligaya Fruto Award

  • Stephen Acabado, Anthropology
  • Elena Clariza, Asian Studies
  • Bernard Ellorin, Music
  • Froilan Fabro, Music
  • Charissa Fabia, Religion
  • Miguel Llora, American Studies
  • Jonathan Sawyer, Urban Planning
  • Paul Cosme, Music

Corky Trinidad Scholarship Award

  • Isabel Chew, Asian Studies
  • Rusyan Mamiit, Environment Management
  • Aaron Rom Moralina, History
  • Marie Antonette A. Ramos, Ethnic Studies
  • Marie Joy Marfil, Music
  • Angela Sebastian, Fine Arts
  • Adrian Alarilla, History

Alfonso Yuchengco Award

  • Michael Abrigo, Economics
  • Dylan Beatty, Geography
  • Michael Garner, Asian Studies
  • Mathew Nelson, Language
  • Cecilia Noble, Sociology
  • Jan Vincent Toledo, Asian Studies
  • Louward Allen Zubiri, Demography

Special awards for 2014 student awardees are shown this Link.

Photo shows Antonette Ramos during a ceremony on May 2012 (in between Dean Ned Shultz and Mrs. Hana Trinidad, widow of Corky Trinidad, Dr. Belinda Aquino, former CPS Director, UH Foundation CEO Donna Vucinich, Chancellor Virginia Shaw, and CPS Director Vina Lanzona)

Among the first grantees of the Center’s endowments are Antonette Ramos and Joy Marfil. Who are they?

Antonette is the first student to be granted the Corky Trinidad scholarship. She is an undergraduate student majoring in Ethnic Studies, and is leaving for Washington, D.C. for an internship at the Smithsonian Museum. While there, she intends to conduct research on the BIMAK community as a site for identity construction, or multiple identities as “Filipinos” and “Filipino-Americans.” She has since graduated from UH.

Marie Joy Marfil

Another grantee is Marie Jocelyn “Joy” Marfil, who is currently a Ph. D student in Music Composition at the University of Hawaii. Joy as she is known to her friends received a $2,000 grant from the Belinda A. Aquino International Philippine Studies Endowment in summer 2013. She went to Davao to study the indigenous music of the Mansaka. Joy obtained her Bachelor of Music (Cum Laude) and Master of Music in Composition at the University of the Philippines. As a recipient of Fulbright Scholarship, she graduated with a Master of Arts in Music Theory at the State University of New York. See Joy’s field report Here. Joy graduated in 2016 from UH.