Julius Soria, a colleague who went ahead of his time

Julius SoriaJulius Soria

Dear colleagues,

It is with deep sadness to inform you that our colleague Julius Soria, beloved by his students and greatly admired by his colleagues and the Ilocano and Filipino community, passed away this early morning (Aug 2, about 4:00am). Fred Magdalena, Tess Constantino,  Patty Dunn (student adviser of Asian Studies) and myself were able to express our condolences and talk with his mother and siblings. Imelda Gasmen, Eva Repollo and Agnes Malate were also there.

Julius’s sister and/or Imelda will update us on whatever plans the family will have regarding his internment.

For now he and his family are in our thoughts and prayers. He will be greatly missed by his CPS, Filipino and Ilocano ohana.

Jojo Abinales

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