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The Center's Logo (Maranao sun) was designed by the late Corky Trinidad, in whose name an endowment was established in 2009. It is a modernized adaptation of the sun. The Maranao are a group of Islamized people in Mindanao who represent one of the oldest civilized kingdoms (sultanate) in the Malay world before the coming of western powers. Yellow, maroon and violet, among others, are typical colors preferred by the Maranao nobles for their flags, dresses, and other material items they use during festivities.

The site's background, on the other hand, is a blurred rendition of the T'boli handwoven textile called tinalak. The T'boli is an indigenous group from central Mindanao. More about this group and this piece of art is found in this site.

The other photos used in this website come from a variety of sources, and for which we express credits and appreciation.

None of these photos may be used without permission from CPS or from their original sources.

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UH Campus
UH Manoa portal McCarthy Mall Paradise Palms Yellow tree
East-West Road Moore Hall Hamilton Library SPAS and UH officials
Man feeds birds CPS Execon meeting
Colloquium Series
CPS Staff Dr. Walden Bello Prof. Solita Monsod & Dr. Belinda Aquino Dr. Takeshi Kawanaka
Prof. Monsod,Vina & Vince Prof. Monsod & students Prof. Monsod & Clem Prof. Monsod with UH faculty
Dr. Victor Paz Dr. Dean Alegado Mr. Tom Coffman Dr. Rogee Pe-Pua (center)
Special Event
Lecture and Conversation with Dr. Benedict Anderson

More photos are coming up. Stay tuned!