Scholarspace is a centralized repository of information, or digital library, at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It “stores and maintains scholarly information in digital format. This repository will provide a home for the increasing amount of digital scholarly output that is being created by the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) community. It captures, indexes, stores, makes searchable, disseminates, and preserves digital materials and provides these services for as long as they are needed.””The repository supports a variety of document types and file formats. Contributors, organized into communities, will retain copyright to their submissions and control access to their collections. The ScholarSpace team provides the computer services, advises on workflow and metadata, and ensures long-term retention and access to the materials.”

“These materials can include scholarly communications (articles and pre-prints), theses, dissertations, technical reports, teaching materials, and other textual material, together with images, multimedia clips, interactive teaching programs, data sets, and databases.”

CPS Collections

Collections of the Center for Philippine Studies have been scanned and digitized for storage at Scholarspace, and are placed as a “community” together with other departments, centers and schools. To access the CPS collections, please click any of the following links:

The collections are in turn organized into topics (“sub-communities”) as follows:*

*Click on “title” to list all the titles of the materials, or “author” if you are searching for or know a particular author.

The Center’s publications are divided further into three categories, namely:*

*Click on “title” to list all the titles of the materials, or “author” if you are searching for or know a particular author.

Hawaii Filipino Digital Library (

Please also visit , a digital library resource that focuses on Filipinos in Hawaii. In Hawaii, the migration of peoples from the Philippine archigelago is part of a larger and continuing story of global migration, or diaspora. More…