Rizalian Webinar Lectures in June 2021

Folks, you are invited to a series of webinar lectures  (three) commemorating Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal,  during the month of June 2021. The webinar is hosted by the Knights of Rizal-Aloha Chapter | Facebook.

Please make sure to register in each of the lectures if you are interested in listening. Slots are limited, so do it early. And remember the time difference between Hawai’i  (HI) and your location.

The three lectures are as follows:

l. Dr. Patricio P. Abinales – “Rizal and Red Tagging: Blasts from the Past”, June 12, 2021, Saturday, 5:00 pm (HI time)


      2. Dr. Clement Bautista – “Reading Rizal and Beyond”, June 19, 2021, Saturday, 5:00 pm (HI time).

      3. Dr. Federico Magdalena – “Rizal’s Legacy in Mindanao”, June 26, 2021, Saturday, 5:00 pm (HI time).

See you there!

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