Faculty - School of Pacific and Asian Studies

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Abinales, Patricio N., Ph.D. (Cornell University) - Professor, Asian Studies
Clariza, Ma. Elena B.M.A. (University of Hawaii at Manoa) - Lecturer, Hamilton Library
Lanzona, Vina A., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison) - Associate Professor, History
Magdalena, Federico V. Ph.D. (University of Hawaii at Manoa) - Faculty Specialist/ Lecturer, Philippine Studies
Montero, Clemen - Educational Specialist & Lecturer, Philippine Studies /Ilokano Language Program, /Literature, Languages & Linguistics,Kapiolani Community College

Emeriti Faculty

Aquino, Belinda A., Ph.D. (Cornell University)- Professor Emeritus, Political Science & Asian Studies
Trimillos, Ricardo D., Ph.D. (UCLA)- Professor (ret.), Asian Studies