Visiting Professors & Lecturers

Arthur Lynn Andrews Chair in Philippines Studies - is a permanently endowed visiting professor position in Asian and Pacific Studies for one semester, which is rotated annually among the various centers of the School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS) including Philippine Studies.

Previous recipients :

  • Gemino Abad, PhD
  • Virginia Miralao, PhD
  • David Wurfel, PhD
  • Resil Mojares, PhD

Distinguished Florence Macaulay Lecture Series - is also a permanently endowed fund rotated annually among SPAS centers including Philippines Studies.

Previous recipients :

  • Leticia Ramos Shahani, PhD
  • Mona Lisa Yuchengco
  • Solita C. Monsod

Asian Scholar-in-Residence (inactive):

  • Bienvenido Lumbrera, PhD