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Sep 16, 2015 » New UH Publication: "Story is a Vagabond: Fiction, Drama, and Essays by Intizar Husain," Series editor is Prof. Fran Stewart (UH English Dept.) ... read more

Aug 31, 2015 » Nepal Earthquake: CSAS Donations Used for Educational Sponsorship of Children Survivors... read more

Jul 14, 2015 » Call for Papers: Special Issue of Biography on Caste and Life Narratives - Abstracts due Sep. 15, 2015... read more

Call for Proposals - The Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series... read more

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ANTH 442 Globalization: the Himalayas  

ASAN 310 001 Asian Humanities    

ASAN 624 Culture & Colonialism                   

HNDI 101, 201, 301 Hindi Language

HIST 401 Hist of the Indian Ocean World

POLS 338 Postcolonial Theory & Politics

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The UHM Center for South Asian Studies has developed this small project to introduce junior and non-specialist members of the UH and the broader research community to the notion of ‘caste’ as a critical and contested concept. We hope these preliminary resources will prove useful to those who want to take caste into the classroom.

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