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Mar 16, 2015 » India’s Daughter is a BBC documentary that was recently banned by the Government of India. The documentary (based on the rape and murder of Jyothi Singh Pandey in New Delhi, India on 16th December) interviews both the perpetrator of the crime as well as Jyothi’s parents. The video was posted on Youtube earlier this month and has since then gone viral. The content and message of the film have sparked controversy. Such debates are significant, especially because we are once again confronted with how to tackle the issues around women’s safety, agency, and bodily integrity when women occupy and transverse …... read more

Mar 4, 2015 » March 18-20: 2015 SPAS Graduate Student Conference, "Against the Current: Transforming Perspectives and Thought in Asia," Center for Korean Studies... read more

Feb 26, 2015 » Audio Clip from PhD Student Anjoli Roy's Talk: "Finding Family in the Archives"... read more

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ASAN 320I Asian Nation State: South Asia

ASAN 750I Research Sem: South Asia

ENG 326 Literature & (Post)colonialism

ENG 735Q Asian American Lit & Theory

HNDI 102 Elementary Hindi

HNDI 202 Intermediate Hindi

HIST 349 British Empire

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The UHM Center for South Asian Studies has developed this small project to introduce junior and non-specialist members of the UH and the broader research community to the notion of ‘caste’ as a critical and contested concept. We hope these preliminary resources will prove useful to those who want to take caste into the classroom.

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