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%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 »
Talk: 'Why Pakistan Isn't a Failed State' by Michael Kugelman
Time: %0:%Sep %p–%0:%Sep %p
Location: @ Saunders 624




Past Events

%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » The Center is closed for the summer, please check back in August
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser and Talk Story
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » Candle Night Vigil for Nepal at 7pm
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » 2015 CSAS Symposium: "Decolonial Futures in South Asia and Beyond"
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » RWCLS Lecture by Dr. Gayatri Gopinath, NYU
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » Lecture by Dr. Jonah Steinberg, "Stain: Undesirable Subjects and the Spectacle City"
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » The Power Within: The Love Story of Mehrunissa and Khurru - Performances from 'Celebrating the Arts of Mughal India'
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » Kalari Dance Lecture Demonstration and Workshop by Krithika Rajagopalan and Dipankar Mukerjee
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » Community Event - International Night 2015: Our Ocean of Stars
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » UH CSAS Spring Get Together!
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » “Love, Indigenous Culture, and the Village in Nepali Music” by Dr. Anna Stirr, Dept. of Asian Studies
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » Brown Bag Biography Talk with CSAS PhD Student Anjoli Roy
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2015 » Exhibition - Colorful Stories: Indian Folk Paintings
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Learning from Mughal Architecture (Lecture) by Prof. Kazi Ashraf
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Remembering 1984 - Screening of "The Widow Colony"
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Public Lecture: Hasan Elahi, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, Director of Digital Cultures and Creativity
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » CSAS Fall Get Together
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » RWCLS Talk and Performance: Joshua Feinberg (Sitar) and Nilan Chaudhuri (Tabla)
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Book Launch for Prof. Jesse Knutson
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » UH Bollywood Film Series: 'Bombay Talkies' (2013)
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Gitiara Nasreen - "Whitening People of Color: The Racial Construction of Beauty for the (Market) Beast"
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » CSAS Closed for Summer
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » "Brave New South Asia: Science, Technology and Society" - Day 3 of CSAS Annual Symposium
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » "Brave New South Asia: Science, Technology and Society" - Day 2 of CSAS Annual Symposium
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » "Brave New South Asia: Science, Technology and Society" - Day 1 of CSAS Annual Symposium
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Dr. Nayan Shah - Empires, Economy and the Transits of Sex
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Dr. Nayan Shah - "Race, Sexuality, and Asian American Studies"
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » RWCLS Seminar - Nandini Chandra
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » RWCLS Lecture - Nandini Chandra, 2/19
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Oceania Literary Series - South Asian Diaspora Poetry
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » Asia and the Pacific in German Culture Conference - 2/14-2/15
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » RWCLS Lecture by Dr. Sapana Doshi (Hosted by the UH Manoa Department of Geography)
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » RWCLS Seminar by Dr. Dhrubesh Regmi: Music and Intellectual Property Rights in Nepal
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2014 » RWCLS Lecture by Dr. Dhrubesh Regmi: Music For Peace and Harmony: The Efforts of Sukarma in the Nepali Context
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Book Launch for Prof. Kazi Ashraf
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » CSAS/School of Public Health Lecture by Anusha Bharadwaj
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Look Back: Move Forward - Anniversary Dance Concert
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » LSAC's 3rd Annual Bollywood Night
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Lecture Demonstration: Rhythmic Structures in Bharatanatyam Technique by Dr. Anita Vallabh
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » CSAS Fall Get Together
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Louis "Cedar" - Thursday, Oct.10, 12-1pm, Saunders 443
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Lecture by Dr. Kazi Ashraf - "The Hut in the Forest: Asceticism and Architecture"
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » P. Sainath Event - Lecture for the Political Science Colloquium Series
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » P. Sainath Event - Reception followed by Public Lecture
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » P. Sainath Event - Hālau ʻO Haumea, Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Land, Water, Seeds - Church of the Crossroads
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Land, Water, Seeds: The Roots of the Agricultural Crisis in India, Hawaii, and Beyond
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Land, Water, Seeds - Moloka‘i Event
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Bollywood & Beyond: Costume in Indian Film
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Film Showing of "A Tribe of His Own," a film about P. Sainath, India's Foremost Investigator
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Violence Against Women and Girls in Public Spaces
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Sensing South Asia - CSAS 30th Annual Symposium
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Forum for Graduate Students Interested in the Study of South Asia
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » RWCLS Seminar - David Gordon White
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » RWCLS Lecture - David Gordon White
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Book Launch for Professor Kazi Ashraf
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » A Talk by Bryce Beemer, Department of History, UH Manoa, 2/21, 1-2:15pm, Sakamaki A201
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Taiko Drum and Dance - UHM Dance Production
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » T.V. Paul "War Making and State Building: Pakistan in Comparative Perspective
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Words in the World: Literatures, Oratures, and New Meeting Grounds
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » Vandana Shiva Hawai'i Seed Tour
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2013 » HER-STORY - Women's Autobiographies in Hindi by Dr. Monika Browarczyk
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Bollywood Night and Nepali Music Ensemble
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Colloquium - Bryce Beemer, Thursday, 11/1 @12pm, Tokioka Room (Moore 319)
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » CSAS Fall Semester Get Together
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Book Launch: Prof. S. Shankar's Flesh and Fish Blood: Postcolonialism, Translation, and the Vernacular
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » " We Are All Sikhs:" A Teach-In on the Sikh Temple Shooting in Wisconsin
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Professor Reece Jones' Book Launch
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » European Encounters with Islam in Asia (1500-1800)
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » 18th Annual Study Abroad Fair
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Women's Studies Colloquium Series - Presentation by Dr. Anna M. Stirr
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Bollywood Mondays - The Dirty Picture (2011)
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » The City Vulnerable: Plan Making and the Making of Modern Disasters
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Rama Watumull Collabaorative Lecture Series Seminar: Dr. Susan Bayly (University of Cambridge)
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series: Dr. Susan Bayly (University of Cambridge)
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series featuring Nazli Kibria
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2012 » CSAS Spring Colloquium Series: Dr. L. Ayu Saraswati
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Bharatanatyam Performance by Rama Watumull Distinguished Indian Scholar Anita Shanmuganathan
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » 4-6pm Fall Get-Together at Tokioka Room, Moore 319.
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » For our Fall 2011 events check back with us in August.
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Bollywood Dance Night and student showcase of Hindi language
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Rama Watamull Collaborative Lecture Series featuring Rupal Oza
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Invited Lecture by Nitasha Sharma
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Invited Lecture by Arvind Rajagopal
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Special screening of Ramchand Pakistani
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Media, Culture & Democracy in South Asia
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Lecture and Discussion
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Colloquium Talk and Discussion
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Dr. Saurabh Dube Lecture
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2011 » Dr. Ishita Banerjee Lecture
%b %Pacific/Honolulu, %2010 » Kathakali Residency
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