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Mar 9, 2015 »
Kalari Dance Lecture Demonstration and Workshop by Krithika Rajagopalan and Dipankar Mukerjee
Time: 12:30 PM–01:50 PM
Location: @ MB118 Dance Studio

Cosponsored by the Department of Theatre and Dance, the Center for South Asian Studies, and Shangri La Center for Islamic Arts and Cultures.  The workshop is part of the Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series.

For more information contact: Kara Miller, 956-2596 


Mar 13, 2015 »
The Power Within: The Love Story of Mehrunissa and Khurru - Performances from 'Celebrating the Arts of Mughal India'
Time: 07:30 PM–07:30 PM

Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art
March 13, 7:30 p.m. 
The Power Within: The Love Story of Mehrunissa and Khurrum (Performance)
One of the greatest love stories of Mughal history is interpreted through dance, spoken word, music and poetry in an original performance by Shangri La Artists-in-Residence Dipankar Mukherjee and Krithika Rajagopalan. Mukherjee is the creative director of the Pangea World Theatre in Minneapolis; Rajagopalan is the creative director and a principle dancer at the Natya Dance Theatre in Chicago. For tickets, visit

Shangri La 
March 14, 5:00 - 7:30 p.m.
The Power Within: The Love Story of Mehrunissa and Khurrum (Performance)
One of the greatest love stories of Mughal history is interpreted through dance, spoken word, music and poetry in this open-air, original performance by Shangri La Artists-in-Residence Dipankar Mukherjee and Krithika Rajagopalan. Mukherjee is Creative Director of the Pangea World Theatre, Minneapolis; Rajagopalan is Creative Director and Principle Dancer of the Natya Dance Theatre, Chicago. Performance followed by buffet dinner. Tickets are $40 and must be reserved in advance.'

These two performances are in conjunction with Shangri La's opening of the Mughal Suite. The full list of events can be seen here. 

Mar 19, 2015 »
Lecture by Dr. Jonah Steinberg, "Stain: Undesirable Subjects and the Spectacle City"
Time: 03:00 PM–04:30 PM
Location: @ Crawford Hall 115


"Stain: Undesirable Subjects and the Spectacle City"

Jonah Steinberg
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology,
University of Vermont


This talk looks at two contemporary instances of urban cleansing in cities offering themselves for global spectacle: the eviction, expulsion, and segregation of Roma (“Gypsies”) in Marseille, and the deportation of beggars from Delhi’s streets. I engage these cases to consider whether historical conditions have generated both a certain common prototype for the unwanted, undesirable subject who allegedly requires purging, on the one hand, and a certain type of spectacle city, on the other. What is shared between these two disparate settings? What conditions bring them together? By comparing two (or more) examples, it becomes possible to ask both whether patterns are emerging across cultures in the kind of person that can be deemed dispensable, expendable, or expellable in the neoliberal spectacle city, and whether the spectacle city is emerging as a kind of thing. Drawing on royal edicts, law, public texts, and years of ethnographic work, I will interrogate how globally-inflected campaigns of authoring cityspace are translated into the daily and lived experience of those whose lives, under such regimes, are deemed dispensable, and how, in turn, they push back, in part by occupying unclaimed zones, thus defying the power being exerted over their living space. I will conclude with the discussion of an interesting place where these two historical threads come together: in the proposed removal from Delhi of groups that came to be labeled “Gypsy” under European administration, but with whom certain European Romani groups also identify.

Jonah Steinberg is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Vermont. He received his BA from Swarthmore College, and his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. His first book, Isma’ili Modern: Globalization and Identity in a Muslim Community, was awarded the biannual Citizenship Book Prize from the Center for the Study of Citizenship. His more recent projects, funded in part by the NSF, explore both the journeys of child runaways in postcolonial India and emergent responses among European Roma to racism and segregation

Co-sponsored by Center for South Asian Studies

For further information, please contact or



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Mar 18, 2013 » RWCLS Lecture - David Gordon White
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Feb 21, 2013 » A Talk by Bryce Beemer, Department of History, UH Manoa, 2/21, 1-2:15pm, Sakamaki A201
Feb 15, 2013 » Taiko Drum and Dance - UHM Dance Production
Feb 15, 2013 » T.V. Paul "War Making and State Building: Pakistan in Comparative Perspective
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Oct 4, 2012 » " We Are All Sikhs:" A Teach-In on the Sikh Temple Shooting in Wisconsin
Sep 28, 2012 » Professor Reece Jones' Book Launch
Sep 28, 2012 » European Encounters with Islam in Asia (1500-1800)
Sep 19, 2012 » 18th Annual Study Abroad Fair
Sep 14, 2012 » Women's Studies Colloquium Series - Presentation by Dr. Anna M. Stirr
Aug 27, 2012 » Bollywood Mondays - The Dirty Picture (2011)
Apr 5, 2012 » The City Vulnerable: Plan Making and the Making of Modern Disasters
Mar 23, 2012 » Rama Watumull Collabaorative Lecture Series Seminar: Dr. Susan Bayly (University of Cambridge)
Mar 22, 2012 » Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series: Dr. Susan Bayly (University of Cambridge)
Mar 13, 2012 » Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series featuring Nazli Kibria
Mar 7, 2012 » CSAS Spring Colloquium Series: Dr. L. Ayu Saraswati
Nov 12, 2011 » Bharatanatyam Performance by Rama Watumull Distinguished Indian Scholar Anita Shanmuganathan
Sep 28, 2011 » 4-6pm Fall Get-Together at Tokioka Room, Moore 319.
May 5, 2011 » For our Fall 2011 events check back with us in August.
May 2, 2011 » Bollywood Dance Night and student showcase of Hindi language
Apr 19, 2011 » Rama Watamull Collaborative Lecture Series featuring Rupal Oza
Apr 8, 2011 » Invited Lecture by Nitasha Sharma
Apr 7, 2011 » Invited Lecture by Arvind Rajagopal
Apr 6, 2011 » Special screening of Ramchand Pakistani
Apr 6, 2011 » Media, Culture & Democracy in South Asia
Mar 30, 2011 » Lecture and Discussion
Mar 28, 2011 » Colloquium Talk and Discussion
Feb 1, 2011 » Dr. Saurabh Dube Lecture
Jan 21, 2011 » Dr. Ishita Banerjee Lecture
Oct 21, 2010 » Kathakali Residency
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