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Sep 24, 2014 »
Book Launch for Prof. Jesse Knutson
Time: 04:30 PM–06:00 PM
Location: @ Tokioka Room, Moore Hall 319

Join us in celebrating the launch of CSAS faculty Jesse Knutson's new book, Into the Twilight of Sanskrit Court Poetry: The Sena Salon of Bengal and Beyond.

Book description: At the turn of the twelfth-century into the thirteenth, at the court of King Laksmanasena of Bengal, Sanskrit poetry showed profound and sudden changes: a new social scope made its definitive entrance into high literature.  Courtly and pastoral, rural and urban, cosmopolitan and vernacular confronted each other in a commingling of high and low styles. A literary salon in what is now Bangladesh, at the eastern extreme of the nexus of regional courtly cultures that defined the age, seems to have implicitly reformulated its entire literary system in the context of the imminent breakdown of the old courtly world, as Turkish power expanded and redefined the landscape.  Through close readings of a little-known corpus of texts from eastern India, this ambitious book demonstrates how a local and rural sensibility came to infuse the cosmopolitan language of Sanskrit, creating a regional literary idiom that would define the emergence of the Bengali language and its literary traditions.

Oct 9, 2014 »
CSAS Fall Get Together
Time: 04:00 PM–06:00 PM
Location: @ Tokioka Room, Moore Hall 319

Come join us with CSAS's Fall get together! We will be welcoming new and returning students and faculty.  

Oct 29, 2014 »
Public Lecture: Hasan Elahi, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, Director of Digital Cultures and Creativity
Time: 06:30 PM–08:00 PM
Location: @ Art Auditorium

Hasan Elahi is an interdisciplinary artist whose work examines issues of surveillance, citizenship, migration, transport, and borders and frontiers. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions at venues such as SITE Santa Fe, Centre Georges Pompidou, Sundance Film Festival, Kassel Kulturbahnhof, The Hermitage, and at the Venice Biennale. Elahi was recently invited to speak about his work at the Tate Modern, Einstein Forum, the American Association of Artificial Intelligence, the International Association of Privacy Professionals, World Economic Forum, and at TED Global. His awards include grants from the Creative Capital Foundation, Art Matters Foundation, and a Ford Foundation/Phillip Morris National Fellowship. In 2010, he was an Alpert/MacDowell Fellow and in 2009, was Resident Faculty at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

Elahi is currently Associate Professor of Art at University of Maryland where he is Director of Digital Cultures and Creativity in the Honors College. He will be an Artist in Residence at Shangri La from October 29-November 9, 2014.

Co-sponsored with the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, UHM Center for South Asian Studies, and the UHM International Cultural Studies Program.

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Past Events

Sep 8, 2014 » UH Bollywood Film Series: 'Bombay Talkies' (2013)
Aug 26, 2014 » Gitiara Nasreen - "Whitening People of Color: The Racial Construction of Beauty for the (Market) Beast"
Jun 4, 2014 » CSAS Closed for Summer
Apr 17, 2014 » "Brave New South Asia: Science, Technology and Society" - Day 3 of CSAS Annual Symposium
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Mar 14, 2014 » Dr. Nayan Shah - Empires, Economy and the Transits of Sex
Mar 13, 2014 » Dr. Nayan Shah - "Race, Sexuality, and Asian American Studies"
Feb 20, 2014 » RWCLS Seminar - Nandini Chandra
Feb 19, 2014 » RWCLS Lecture - Nandini Chandra, 2/19
Feb 18, 2014 » Oceania Literary Series - South Asian Diaspora Poetry
Feb 14, 2014 » Asia and the Pacific in German Culture Conference - 2/14-2/15
Jan 30, 2014 » RWCLS Lecture by Dr. Sapana Doshi (Hosted by the UH Manoa Department of Geography)
Jan 22, 2014 » RWCLS Seminar by Dr. Dhrubesh Regmi: Music and Intellectual Property Rights in Nepal
Jan 21, 2014 » RWCLS Lecture by Dr. Dhrubesh Regmi: Music For Peace and Harmony: The Efforts of Sukarma in the Nepali Context
Dec 5, 2013 » Book Launch for Prof. Kazi Ashraf
Dec 3, 2013 » CSAS/School of Public Health Lecture by Anusha Bharadwaj
Nov 14, 2013 » Look Back: Move Forward - Anniversary Dance Concert
Nov 7, 2013 » LSAC's 3rd Annual Bollywood Night
Oct 25, 2013 » Lecture Demonstration: Rhythmic Structures in Bharatanatyam Technique by Dr. Anita Vallabh
Oct 18, 2013 » CSAS Fall Get Together
Oct 10, 2013 » Lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Louis "Cedar" - Thursday, Oct.10, 12-1pm, Saunders 443
Oct 8, 2013 » Lecture by Dr. Kazi Ashraf - "The Hut in the Forest: Asceticism and Architecture"
Oct 4, 2013 » P. Sainath Event - Lecture for the Political Science Colloquium Series
Oct 3, 2013 » P. Sainath Event - Reception followed by Public Lecture
Oct 2, 2013 » P. Sainath Event - Hālau ʻO Haumea, Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies
Oct 1, 2013 » Land, Water, Seeds - Church of the Crossroads
Sep 30, 2013 » Land, Water, Seeds: The Roots of the Agricultural Crisis in India, Hawaii, and Beyond
Sep 30, 2013 » Land, Water, Seeds - Moloka‘i Event
Sep 29, 2013 » Bollywood & Beyond: Costume in Indian Film
Sep 25, 2013 » Film Showing of "A Tribe of His Own," a film about P. Sainath, India's Foremost Investigator
Sep 20, 2013 » Violence Against Women and Girls in Public Spaces
Apr 17, 2013 » Sensing South Asia - CSAS 30th Annual Symposium
Apr 9, 2013 » Forum for Graduate Students Interested in the Study of South Asia
Mar 19, 2013 » RWCLS Seminar - David Gordon White
Mar 18, 2013 » RWCLS Lecture - David Gordon White
Mar 14, 2013 » Book Launch for Professor Kazi Ashraf
Feb 21, 2013 » A Talk by Bryce Beemer, Department of History, UH Manoa, 2/21, 1-2:15pm, Sakamaki A201
Feb 15, 2013 » Taiko Drum and Dance - UHM Dance Production
Feb 15, 2013 » T.V. Paul "War Making and State Building: Pakistan in Comparative Perspective
Feb 7, 2013 » Words in the World: Literatures, Oratures, and New Meeting Grounds
Jan 15, 2013 » Vandana Shiva Hawai'i Seed Tour
Jan 10, 2013 » HER-STORY - Women's Autobiographies in Hindi by Dr. Monika Browarczyk
Nov 29, 2012 » Bollywood Night and Nepali Music Ensemble
Nov 1, 2012 » Colloquium - Bryce Beemer, Thursday, 11/1 @12pm, Tokioka Room (Moore 319)
Oct 19, 2012 » CSAS Fall Semester Get Together
Oct 11, 2012 » Book Launch: Prof. S. Shankar's Flesh and Fish Blood: Postcolonialism, Translation, and the Vernacular
Oct 4, 2012 » " We Are All Sikhs:" A Teach-In on the Sikh Temple Shooting in Wisconsin
Sep 28, 2012 » Professor Reece Jones' Book Launch
Sep 28, 2012 » European Encounters with Islam in Asia (1500-1800)
Sep 19, 2012 » 18th Annual Study Abroad Fair
Sep 14, 2012 » Women's Studies Colloquium Series - Presentation by Dr. Anna M. Stirr
Aug 27, 2012 » Bollywood Mondays - The Dirty Picture (2011)
Apr 5, 2012 » The City Vulnerable: Plan Making and the Making of Modern Disasters
Mar 23, 2012 » Rama Watumull Collabaorative Lecture Series Seminar: Dr. Susan Bayly (University of Cambridge)
Mar 22, 2012 » Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series: Dr. Susan Bayly (University of Cambridge)
Mar 13, 2012 » Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series featuring Nazli Kibria
Mar 7, 2012 » CSAS Spring Colloquium Series: Dr. L. Ayu Saraswati
Nov 12, 2011 » Bharatanatyam Performance by Rama Watumull Distinguished Indian Scholar Anita Shanmuganathan
Sep 28, 2011 » 4-6pm Fall Get-Together at Tokioka Room, Moore 319.
May 5, 2011 » For our Fall 2011 events check back with us in August.
May 2, 2011 » Bollywood Dance Night and student showcase of Hindi language
Apr 19, 2011 » Rama Watamull Collaborative Lecture Series featuring Rupal Oza
Apr 8, 2011 » Invited Lecture by Nitasha Sharma
Apr 7, 2011 » Invited Lecture by Arvind Rajagopal
Apr 6, 2011 » Special screening of Ramchand Pakistani
Apr 6, 2011 » Media, Culture & Democracy in South Asia
Mar 30, 2011 » Lecture and Discussion
Mar 28, 2011 » Colloquium Talk and Discussion
Feb 1, 2011 » Dr. Saurabh Dube Lecture
Jan 21, 2011 » Dr. Ishita Banerjee Lecture
Oct 21, 2010 » Kathakali Residency
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