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Call for Proposals


The Center for South Asian Studies invites applications to bring scholars to UHM with an expertise in South Asian Studies or South Asia related topics as part of the Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series. The award is aimed at supporting the interest in departments across the UHM campus in South Asia-related topics and perspectives. This year the center is exploring themes in South Asian literature, philosophy, and the arts. However, the call for proposals is open to all topics.

Our next committee meeting will be on the 17th of October, 2016  at which point we will consider the applications submitted till that point. If you are applying to bring a speaker this fall, contact the director Dr. Sai Bhatwadekar at

However, we will continue to accept applications after the deadline on a rolling basis to bring speakers in the Spring of 2016.

The Rama Watumull Collaborative Lecture Series awards will not exceed $1,500. This grant may be combined with other awards, if necessary.

The funds provided by the Center will cover reasonable costs of travel, lodging, and honorarium for invited speakers.  The responsibility for organizing and making arrangements for the visit and associated events, as well as for hosting the visiting scholar(s), will be that of the faculty/department receiving funds.

The invited speaker will:

–  Deliver a lecture on South Asia related research or material for a departmental colloquium series, and

–  Participate in a workshop with faculty and graduate students on the relationship between South Asia and/or South Asian Studies and the specific concerns of the discipline.

Departments and programs interested in making use of this opportunity should submit:

  1. the name of the prospective invitee
  2. a brief rationale for choosing the speaker and possibilities of co-sponsorship (include dates for the visit and topics proposed for the talk and workshop)
  3. a CV or other biographical information
  4. a budget.

We ask that you submit materials to Morsaline Mojid, CSAS Coordinator, via email ( by October 17, 2016.



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