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Film Series

This is from the 15th semester of the UH Bollywood Film Series.

‘English Vinglish’

76189-ev2-large‘English Vinglish’ is a funny and poignant portrait of an Indian visitor to the United States who struggles to adapt to American life.

Shashi (played charmingly by 1980s and ’90s Bollywood megastar Sridevi) is a housewife who runs a home business selling sweets. When she makes a long visit to America for a family wedding, Shashi’s struggles with English lead to traumatic experiences and insecurities. Her resolve tested, she courageously decides to take a conversational English class without her family realizing it. Her amusing and kind fellow students represent the global diversity of America, humanizing the immigrant experience along the way.

This is the first movie in the 15th UH Bollywood film series, running on Monday afternoons this fall. For a copy of the full semester film series schedule, please see below.

Spring 2016 Semester Schedule

Bollywood Film Series - Spring '16

Free and open to the public. For more information, email or call 956-6766.

See last semester’s flyer here: Film series schedule, Spring 2015.

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