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Film Series

This is from the 14th semester of the UH Bollywood Film Series.


The highest grossing Indian film of all time, ‘PK’ follows the adventures of an alien who gets stranded on earth and is forced to make sense of humankind. It’s a baffling and hilarious quest for PK, and his attempts to return home yield comic riches as well as poignant commentaries on the habits and hearts of humans. In the end, PK seeks only God, but that too becomes more complicated than expected as he navigates peoples’ infinite ways–including love and war–of pursuing a relationship with the divine.

The film stars Aamir Khan as the titular alien, and Anushka Sharma as a plucky TV reporter who befriends PK and assists him on his mission. This is the first movie in the 14th UH Bollywood film series, running on occasional Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons this fall. For a copy of the full semester film series schedule, please see below.

Fall 2015 Semester Schedule

Bollywood Film Series - Fall '15

Free and open to the public. For more information, email or call 956-6766.

See last year’s flyer here: Film series schedule, Fall 2014

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