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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winners of the J. Watumull scholarship 2012

Two of the J. Watumull Study in India scholarships went to Christopher de Venecia and Joshua Mandelstam. 

Christopher de Venecia is a Masters student at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.  His research interests focus on environmental planning, communtiy-based economic development, and natural resource management.  His J. Watumull scholarship allows him to conduct research this summer and fall on waste-to energy power plants in Assam for his masters thesis. 

Joshua Mandelstam is Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy. His J. Watumull scholarship allows him to examine Gandhi’s writings in the archives at the Sabarmati ashram and through this research, aim to get a deeper understanding of Gandhi’s action, context, and how by acting in accordance with a larger self, his interactions with others changed. This research will aid his PhD dissertation, the topic of which is how one’s conception of ‘self’ influences one’s moral attitudes and actions generally.

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