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The UHM Center for South Asian Studies has accordingly developed this small project to introduce junior and non-specialist members of the UH and broader research community to the notion of ‘caste’ as a critical and contested concept. We hope these preliminary resources will prove useful to those who want to take caste into the classroom.


The following are from Internet Resources:

Bibliographies Reading Index
DK Agencies – Books on Caste System
Zubaan Books
Orient BlackSwan
London School of Economics – Caste, race and the disappearance of hierarchy (WORD)
On Caste Outside of India (
Sage Publications
Goethals Library – Castes, Races & Tribes
SARAI audio/video resources filtered for “caste”


Digital Anthrolopology Resources for Teaching – Caste and Modernity – Rashmi Sadana, Columbia University
Women in Modern South Asia (Hist 508:331) – Rochisha Narayan, Rutgers University (PDF)
Deshkal Society – Dalit Studies
Religious Studies – Global and Intercultural Connections (LBST 2102) – Michael P. Korvink, UNC Charlotte
Peoples and Cultures of South Asia (Anthro. 56) – Arjun Guneratne, Macalester College
Peoples and Cultures of South Asia – Michele Gamburd, Portland State University
Peoples and Societies of South Asia (Anth. 240) – Steven Kemper, Bates College
Social Inequality in South Asia Through Literature and Film (Eng. 3440) – Matthew Cook, North Carolina Central College
Directorate of Distance Ed. – Univ. of North Bengal, Post-Graduate Course in History (II) (PDF)
Loyola University Chicago – Core Curriculum – South Asia Lit. in Translation Litr 287 (WORD).
University of Oslo – Syllabus/achievement requirements for HIS 2416 – Spring 2008.


Activist Organizations
A list of websites related to Dalits/Ambedkar
Indian Institute of Dalit Studies
National Conference of Dalit Organisations
Dalit Solidarity
Dalit Solidarity Network-UK
Navayana – Publishing for Social Change
Dalit Welfare Organization
The Women’s Foundation of Nepal (WFN)
Land for Tillers’ Freedom


B.R. Ambedkar, The Annihilation of Caste, Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning
SARAI – Columbia University Libraries
SARAI audio/video resources filtered for “caste”


Country Studies & Introductory Articles
Country Studies: India. Caste and Class. Library of Congress
Country Studies: India. Caste-Based Parties. Library of Congress
“Muslims and Caste” (
Country Studies: Nepal. Caste and Ethnicity. Library of Congress
Sri Lanka: A Country Study. Caste. Library of Congress
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