Luca Onnis (Director)

Dr. Luca Onnis has served as the Director of Center for Second Language Research since August 2008. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Second Language Studies at the Universify of Hawaii at Manoa. His research interests include statistical language learning; computational modeling of language; corpus-based analyses; monolingual and bilingual sentence processing; the brain bases of language; applying principles of cognitive science to the classroom.

Students affiliated with CSLR

Hannah Jones. Grad assistant Fall 2010 (NFLRC sponsor)
Daniel Jackson. Part-time grad assistant Summer 2010 (NFLRC sponsor) and Fall 2010 (SLS sponsor)
Yoko Uchida. AGC grad student 2010
Yukiko Watanabe. Part-time grad assistant, Fall & Spring 2008 (SLS sponsor).