Career Skills

Why use Career Skills?

The Career Skills online resource is geared specifically for students who have limited or no work experience. Using KeyTrain Career Skills not only makes it easy for you to teach workplace readiness skills in your classroom and engage your students, but it really improves students’ employability and success in the workplace.


“Allowing students to learn at their own pace, choosing their own lessons helped personalize learning in regards to skills needed for the workplace.”

- Marla Miyamura, Pearl City High School, Family & Consumer Science Dept., on how KeyTrain Career Skills helps her to teach her students


“Without KeyTrain [Career Skills], I would still be looking for a job, instead of having a well paying job with a respectable company… KeyTrain has really helped me to do well in my first job, as well as to get the job, and the lessons I learn using KeyTrain will continue to help me in my future jobs and in school.”

- Carson, Hawaii high school student, on attributing employment by Target to preparation done through KeyTrain Career Skills


How does Career Skills work?

Learn how KeyTrain Career Skills can be used to address career planning and workplace behavior benchmarks and learning outcomes. View this screencast to see how easy it is to access and utilize Career Skills and its 200 lessons (PDF).


What lessons can I integrate with Career Skills?

Here are some sample lessons plans describing activities you can conduct in conjunction with Career Skills. These lessons vary in student work time required, from approximately 2 to 6 hours, and allow for an authentic assessment of student learning. Feel free to modify these lesson plans to meet the needs of your classroom.


Who do I contact to get started?

The Career Skills tool is sponsored by the CTE Center for use within Hawaii’s public school/college campuses. For more information or to begin using Career Skills for your students, contact Ryan Tanaka, Coordinator for Workforce Improvement, at or (808) 956-4052.