KeyTrain is an online system geared towards foundational workplace skills, which can benefit both employers and educators.  Rather than target job-specific skills, KeyTrain targets general skills essential to most workers:  These skills include the following:


  • Reading for Information
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information
  • Applied Technology
  • Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Listening
  • Observation
  • Teamwork
  • Beginning Skills


These foundational skills have been found to be essential for a majority of jobs.  Unfortunately, much of these skills, though deemed essential, are not directly taught in school.  Instead, these skills are often developed indirectly during other lessons in school.  Because of this, those students inherently stronger than their peers in these foundational skills are more competent learners when it comes to occupational skills and knowledge. 


For employers, using KeyTrain will help workers perform at a higher and more consistent level.  For educators, using KeyTrain will help students learn occupational skills and knowledge faster and better.  The best part about KeyTrain is that the activities can be assigned as a supplemental activity only for those in need.  The activities are all online, self-paced, and can include any one or all of the foundational skill areas.


The KeyTrain system includes pre- and post-assessments, goal-setting towards certain levels for specified jobs, and remediation activities to bring the learner up to the goal set.  Those learners that use KeyTrain particularly like and are motivate by how activities are progressive and KeyTrain shows their progress towards their goals.


For more information or to begin using KeyTrain for your workers or students, contact Ryan Tanaka, Coordinator for Workforce Improvement, at or (808) 956-4052.