Business, Management and Technology


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Content Standards Concepts Performance Standards/Performance Indicators
Use managerial  functions to achieve organizational goals Planning Discuss the strategic planning process including the following:
  • Differentiate between a mission and vision statement.
  • Analyze a company’s competitive position by using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses,
    Opportunities, Threats) analysis.
  • Contrast the various types of plans used by managers including short/long range, strategic, tactical, and operational plans; and policies and procedures.
  • Differentiate between growth and consolidation strategies that may be used by an organization.
Content Standards Concepts Performance Standards/Performance Indicators
  Leading /Directing Leadership:

Adapt personal leadership style to effectively relate in workplace situations
  • Discuss the various leadership styles with examples.
  • Identify and discuss the factors which determine the appropriate leadership style to be used.
  • Recognize and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your style and apply in different situations


  •  Distinguish between positive and negative stressors and determine an effective stress reduction plan


  • Discuss the importance of group/team building with examples (i.e. empowerment, delegation, etc.)
  • Examine and compare various forms of employee compensation (i.e. salaries, benefits, etc.)


  • Discuss the importance of motivation in relation to performance.
  • Discuss the various factors which affect employee motivation.
  • Discuss the diversity of needs of employees in order to apply strategies that will enhance employee productivity.
    • Discuss the various motivational strategies with examples.
    • Determine the appropriate motivators that should be used in various situations. 
Content Standards Concepts Performance Standards/Performance Indicators
  Organizing Demonstrate the ability to use resources efficiently and effectively to achieve specific goals.
  • Allocate human, financial and material resources.
    • Determine staffing and material needs to meet organizational goals
    • Assign individuals to specific jobs.
    • Make decisions on the best use of resources within cost and schedule.
  • Discuss, with examples, task prioritization.
Develop organizational and flow-charts.
Content Standards Concepts Performance Standards/Performance Indicators
  • Discuss the significance of controlling in organizations.
  • Discuss the relationship of setting  appropriate goal/objectives and controlling.
  • Discuss performance evaluations and how it is used to measure and adjust performance.
Evaluate performance expectations with established standards on an ongoing basis and determine alternative actions when goals are not being met.
  • Measure performance (evaluate the projected to actual).
  • Conduct an employee evaluation
Content Standards Concepts Performance Standards/Performance Indicators


Communication Demonstrate proficiency in the use of effective oral and written communications.
  • Select appropriate mode of communication for a given situation.
  • Explain the importance of building business relationships.
  • Discuss the behavioral/communication style of employees
  • Develop strategies in dealing with various behavioral/communications styles


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