Public and Human Services


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Content Standards Concepts Performance Standards/Performance Indicators
PC-1.0 Explore and evaluate career options in Public and Human Services in relation to personal interests, strengths, and values. Health and Safety Issues


PC-5.1  Identify common (local, global) health and safety issues (i.e., stress, nutrition, spread of diseases, infections, workplace violence, dealing with epidemics—SARS, high burnout potential, etc.) in Public and Human Services occupations.  (i.e., Given a description of a business/agency, its location, clients and environment, outline a health and safety plan that can prevent or minimize injuries, illnesses, and other health risks.)



PC-5.2  Identify health and safety rules/laws that apply to selected Public and Human Services occupations. (i.e. Describe Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), explain what they contain, Worker’s Compensation laws, and their purposes.)
  Prevention Strategies PC-5.3  Evaluate health and safety plans and procedures to determine the potential for success.
    PC-5.4  Describe the proper care, handling, storage and disposal of potentially hazardous materials.
  Work Life Balance Strategies PC-5.5  Describe typical signs of stress or burnout among those who work in selected Public and Human Services occupations.
    PC-5.6  Compare and contrast methods individuals use to minimize illness and job related stress and evaluate its impact on providing quality customer service.
    PC-5.7  Identify how an organizational structure and climate can affect  the health and safety of employees.



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