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CTE Posters

Arts and Communication
Health Services
Industrial & Engineering
Natural Resources
Public & Human Resources
Career Pathway System Poster

Core Posters

Business Core
Health Core
IET Core

Career and Technical Education Brochures

CTE 3-Panel Brochure (PDF)

Dual Credit Articulated Program of Study Brochures

Marketing Program of Study Brochure (PDF)
Retailing Program of Study (PDF)
Entrepreneurship Program of Study (PDF)

Special Populations

Nontraditional Occupations for Women and Men (PDF)
Economically Disadvantaged (PDF)
English as a Second Language (PDF)
Nontraditional Students (PDF)
Single Parents and Displaced Homemakers (PDF)
Students with Disabilities/Special Education (PDF)
Special Populations Folder
Digital Careers in the Computing Age - Brochure (PDF)
Digital Careers in the Computing Age - DVD (Click on Icon to Preview clip)
2009 Health Science Professions in Hawaii Brochure

Career Pathways Promise Handbook

The Career Pathways Handbook is currently being updated and will be available by September-2014. Please keep posted.

Career Pathways Handbook (PDF)

Career Pathway Materials, DVDs

Career Pathway DVD

Nursing Promotional Brochure, Video and Guide

Career Pathway DVD
Teacher's Guide - Companion Video (PDF)

Other Publications

CAR Annual Report (PDF)
State Plan 20082013 (PDF)
2008 CAR Annual Report (PDF)
2009 CAR Annual Report (PDF)
2010 CAR Annual Report (PDF)
2011 CAR Annual Report (PDF)
2012 CAR Annual Report (PDF)
2013 CAR Annual Report (PDF)
2008 - 2009 DCAPS Agreements Guidelines and Procedures (PDF)
2011 - 2012 DCAPS Agreements Guidelines and Procedures (PDF)