The degrees and programs offered by the 10 campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi System range from certificate and vocational to baccalaureate, graduate and professional.

What will you study?

Program Name Campus More Information
AccountingMānoaMAcc, BBA, GCert
Agribusiness ManagementMānoaUCert
American StudiesMānoaPhD, MA, BA
Animal SciencesMānoaMS, BS
AnthropologyMānoaPhD, MA, BA
ArtMānoaMFA, BFA, BA
Art HistoryMānoaMA
Asian StudiesMānoaMA, BA, GCert
AstronomyMānoaPhD, MS, BA
Athletic TrainingMānoaMS
Atmospheric SciencesMānoaPhD, MS, BS
BiochemistryMānoaBS, BA
Biological EngineeringMānoaMS, BS
BiologyMānoaBS, BA
Biomedical SciencesMānoaPhD
Biomedical Sciences (Tropical Medicine)MānoaPhD, MS, GCert
BotanyMānoaPhD, MS, BS, BA
Business AdministrationMānoaPhD, MBA
Cell and Molecular BiologyMānoaPhD, MS
ChemistryMānoaPhD, MS, BS, BA
ChineseMānoaBA, UCert
Chinese StudiesMānoaGCert
Civil EngineeringMānoaPhD, MS, BS
ClassicsMānoaBA, UCert
Clinical and Translational ResearchMānoaMS
Clinical PsychologyMānoaGCert
CommunicationMānoaMA, BA
Communication & Information SciencesMānoaPhD
Communication Sciences and DisordersMānoaMS
CommunicologyMānoaMA, BA
Computer EngineeringMānoaBS
Computer ScienceMānoaPhD, MS, BS
Conflict ResolutionMānoaGCert
Creative MediaMānoaBA
Curriculum StudiesMānoaMEd
DanceMānoaMFA, MA, BFA, BA
Dental HygieneMānoaBS
Developmental & Reproductive BiologyMānoaPhD, MS
Disability & DiversityMānoaGCert
Disaster Management and Humanitarian AssistanceMānoaGCert
Early Childhood EducationMānoaMEd
Earth and Planetary SciencesMānoaPhD, MS
Earth SciencesMānoaBS
East Asian Languages & Literature (Chinese)MānoaPhD, MA
East Asian Languages & Literature (Japanese)MānoaPhD, MA
East Asian Languages & Literature (Korean)MānoaPhD, MA
EconomicsMānoaPhD, MA, BA
EducationMānoaPhD, MEdT
Educational AdministrationMānoaMEd
Educational FoundationsMānoaMEd
Educational PsychologyMānoaPhD, MEd
Electrical EngineeringMānoaPhD, MS, BS
Elementary EducationMānoaBEd
Energy and SustainabilityMānoaGCert
Engineering ScienceMānoaBS
EnglishMānoaPhD, MA, BA
EntomologyMānoaPhD, MS
EntrepreneurshipMānoaBBA, GCert
Environmental DesignMānoaBEnvD
Environmental Earth ScienceMānoaBA
Environmental ManagementMānoaMEM
Environmental StudiesMānoaUCert
Ethnic StudiesMānoaBA, UCert
Expanded Function Dental Hygiene in PediatricsMānoaUCert
Fashion Design & MerchandisingMānoaBS
Food ScienceMānoaMS
Food Science & Human NutritionMānoaBS
FrenchMānoaMA, BA, UCert
General BusinessMānoaBBA
GeographyMānoaPhD, MA, BA
Geoscience for ProfessionalsMānoaMGEO
GermanMānoaBA, UCert
Global Environmental ScienceMānoaBS
Global Health Protection and SecurityMānoaGCert
Hawaiian LanguageMānoaMA, BA, UCert
Hawaiian StudiesMānoaMA, BA
Historic PreservationMānoaGCert
HistoryMānoaPhD, MA, BA
Human Development and Family StudiesMānoaBS
Human Resource ManagementMānoaMHRM, BBA
Indo-Pacific LanguagesMānoaUCert
Information & Computer SciencesMānoaBA
Interdisciplinary StudiesMānoaBA
International BusinessMānoaBBA
International Cultural StudiesMānoaGCert
Islamic StudiesMānoaUCert
JapaneseMānoaBA, UCert
Japanese StudiesMānoaGCert
Juridicial ScienceMānoaSJD
Kinesiology & Rehabilitation ScienceMānoaMS, BS
KoreanMānoaBA, UCert
Korean StudiesMānoaGCert
Landscape ArchitectureMānoaMLA
Latin America & Iberian StudiesMānoaUCert
LawMānoaJD, LLM
Law and SocietyMānoaUCert
Learning Design and TechnologyMānoaPhD, MEd, GCert
Library & Information ScienceMānoaMLISC, GCert
LinguisticsMānoaPhD, MA
Literacy LeaderMānoaGCert
Management Information SystemsMānoaBBA
Marine BiologyMānoaPhD, MS, BS
Marine OptionMānoaUCert
Mathematical BiologyMānoaUCert
MathematicsMānoaPhD, MA, BS, BA
Mechanical EngineeringMānoaPhD, MS, BS
Medical Technology and Clinical TrainingMānoaBS, PB
MicrobiologyMānoaPhD, MS, BS, BA
Molecular and Cell BiologyMānoaBS
Molecular Biosciences & BioengineeringMānoaPhD, MS
Molecular Biosciences and BiotechnologyMānoaBS
Museum StudiesMānoaGCert
MusicMānoaPhD, MMus, MA, BMus, BA, UCert
Natural Resources & Environmental ManagementMānoaPhD, MS, BS
NursingMānoaPhD, MS, BS, GCert
Nursing PracticeMānoaDNP
Nutritional SciencesMānoaMS
Ocean & Resources EngineeringMānoaPhD, MS
Ocean PolicyMānoaGCert
OceanographyMānoaPhD, MS
On-Line Learning and TeachingMānoaGCert
Pacific Islands StudiesMānoaMA, BA, GCert
Peace StudiesMānoaUCert
Philippine Language & LiteratureMānoaBA
Philippine StudiesMānoaGCert
PhilosophyMānoaPhD, MA, BA
PhysicsMānoaPhD, MS, BS, BA
Planning StudiesMānoaGCert
Plant & Environmental Protection SciencesMānoaBS
Political ScienceMānoaPhD, MA, BA
Professional Educational PracticeMānoaEdD
PsychologyMānoaPhD, MA, BS, BA
Public AdministrationMānoaMPA, GCert
Public HealthMānoaPhD, MS, MPH, BA
Public PolicyMānoaGCert
ReligionMānoaMA, BA
Resource ManagementMānoaGCert
RussianMānoaBA, UCert
Russian Area StudiesMānoaUCert
Second Language StudiesMānoaPhD, MA, BA, GCert
Secondary EducationMānoaBEd, PB
Social WelfareMānoaPhD
Social WorkMānoaMSW, BSW
SociologyMānoaPhD, MA, BA
Sophomore HonorsMānoaUCert
South Asian StudiesMānoaGCert
Southeast Asian StudiesMānoaGCert
SpanishMānoaMA, BA, UCert
Special EducationMānoaMEd, PB
Sustainable TourismMānoaUCert
Teacher LeaderMānoaGCert
Telecommunications & Information Resource ManagementMānoaGCert
TheatreMānoaPhD, MFA, MA, BA
Travel Industry ManagementMānoaMS, BS, UCert
Tropical Agriculture and the EnvironmentMānoaBS
Tropical Plant and Soil SciencesMānoaPhD, MS
Tropical Plant PathologyMānoaPhD, MS
Urban & Regional PlanningMānoaPhD, MURP, GCert
Women's StudiesMānoaBA, GCert, UCert
ZoologyMānoaPhD, MS, BS, BA

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