The degrees and programs offered by the 10 campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi System range from certificate and vocational to baccalaureate, graduate and professional.

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Program Name Campus More Information
AccountingKapiʻolaniCA, CO
AccountingKauaʻiCA, CO
AccountingLeewardCA, CO
Administration of JusticeHawaiʻiCO
Administration of JusticeMauiCA, CO
Adult Care Home OperatorKapiʻolaniCO
Adult Care Home OperatorKauaʻiCO
Adult Care Home OperatorMauiCO
Aeronautics Maintenance TechnologyHonoluluCA
Agricultural TechnologyWindwardCO
AgricultureHawaiʻiCA, CO
Agriculture & Natural ResourcesMauiCA, CO
Applied TradesHonoluluCA, CO
Architectural, Engineering & CAD TechnologyHawaiʻiCA, CO
Architectural, Engineering & CAD TechnologyHonoluluCA
Auto Body Repair & PaintingHawaiʻiCA
Auto Body Repair & PaintingHonoluluCA
Auto Body Repair & PaintingMauiCA, CO
Automotive Mechanics TechnologyHawaiʻiCA
Automotive TechnologyHonoluluCA
Automotive TechnologyKauaʻiCA, CO
Automotive TechnologyLeewardCA, CO
Automotive TechnologyMauiCA, CO
BusinessKauaʻiCA, CO
Business AdministrationMauiCA, CO
Business TechnologyHawaiʻiCA, CO
Business TechnologyKauaʻiCA
Business TechnologyLeewardCA, CO
Business TechnologyMauiCA, CO
Carpentry TechnologyHawaiʻiCA
Carpentry TechnologyHonoluluCA
Carpentry TechnologyKauaʻiCA
Community Health WorkerKapiʻolaniCO
Computing, Security and Networking TechnologyHonoluluCA
Construction TechnologyMauiCA, CO
CosmetologyHonoluluCA, CO
Creative MediaKauaʻiCO
Culinary ArtsHawaiʻiCA, CO
Culinary ArtsKapiʻolaniCA, CO
Culinary ArtsKauaʻiCA, CO
Culinary ArtsLeewardCA, CO
Culinary ArtsMauiCA, CO
Dental AssistingKapiʻolaniCA, CO
Diesel Mechanics TechnologyHawaiʻiCA
Diesel Mechanics TechnologyHonoluluCA
Digital Media ArtsHawaiʻiCO
Digital Media ProductionLeewardCA, CO
Early Childhood EducationHawaiʻiCA, CO
Early Childhood EducationHonoluluCA, CO
Early Childhood EducationKauaʻiCA, CO
Early Childhood EducationMauiCA, CO
Educational ParaprofessionalKapiʻolaniCO
Electrical Installation & Maintenance TechnologyHawaiʻiCA
Electrical Installation & Maintenance TechnologyHonoluluCA
Electrical Installation & Maintenance TechnologyKauaʻiCA, CO
Electronic & Computer Engineering TechnologyMauiCA, CO
Electronics TechnologyHawaiʻiCA, CO
Electronics TechnologyKauaʻiCA, CO
Emergency Medical TechnicianKapiʻolaniCO
Facilities Engineering TechnologyKauaʻiCO
Fashion TechnologyHonoluluCA, CO
Fashion TechnologyMauiCA, CO
Fire & Environmental Emergency ResponseHonoluluCA
Fire ScienceHawaiʻiCA
Geographic Information SystemsKauaʻiCO
Hawaiian BotanyKauaʻiCO
Health Information TechnologyLeewardCA, CO
Hospitality & TourismHawaiʻiCA, CO
Hospitality & TourismKapiʻolaniCA, CO
Hospitality & TourismKauaʻiCA, CO
Hospitality & TourismMauiCA, CO
Human ServicesHawaiʻiCO
Human ServicesHonoluluCA, CO
Human ServicesMauiCA, CO
Human Services - Substance Abuse CounselingLeewardCO
Information & Computer SciencesLeewardCA, CO
Information Security SpecialistWindwardCO
Information TechnologyHawaiʻiCA, CO
Information TechnologyKapiʻolaniCA, CO
Integrated Industrial TechnologyLeewardCA, CO
Legal SecretaryKapiʻolaniCO
Long Term Care Nurse AidKapiʻolaniCO
Machine, Welding & Industrial Mechanics TechnologiesHawaiʻiCA, CO
ManagementLeewardCA, CO
MarketingHawaiʻiCA, CO
MarketingKapiʻolaniCA, CO
Medical AssistingKapiʻolaniCA, CO
Medical AssistingKauaʻiCA, CO
Medication AssistantMauiCO
Mobile Intensive Care TechnicianKapiʻolaniCA
Natural ScienceKapiʻolaniCA, CO
Nurse AideKapiʻolaniCO
Nurse AideKauaʻiCO
Nurse AideMauiCO
Nursing, PracticalHawaiʻiCA
Nursing, PracticalKapiʻolaniCA
Nursing, PracticalKauaʻiCA
Nursing, PracticalMauiCA
Occupational & Environmental Safety ManagementHonoluluCA
Occupational Therapy AssistantKapiʻolaniCO
Pharmacy TechnicianMauiCO
Plant Biology and Tropical AgricultureKauaʻiCA, CO
Plant Biology and Tropical AgricultureLeewardCA, CO
Plant LandscapingWindwardCO
Plant-Food Production and TechWindwardCO
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning TechnologyHonoluluCA
School Health AidKapiʻolaniCO
School Health AidKauaʻiCO
Sheet Metal & Plastics TechnologyHonoluluCA
Small Vessel Fabrication & RepairHonoluluCA
Substance Abuse CounselingHawaiʻiCO
Subtropical Urban Tree CareWindwardCO
Sustainability Science ManagementKauaʻiCA, CO
Sustainable AgricultureWindwardCO
Technical Teacher EducationLeewardCO
Television ProductionLeewardCA, CO
Therapeutic Activity AidMauiCO
Tropical Forest Ecosytems & Agroforestry ManagementHawaiʻiCA
Veterinary AssistingWindwardCA
Welding TechnologyHonoluluCA

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