What is Distance Learning?

The primary purpose of distance learning at the University of Hawaiʻi's ten campuses is to extend the University's rich array of quality instructional resources to students anywhere in the state who are committed to higher education but are constrained by diverse factors which prevent their participation as regular on-campus students at the University of Hawaiʻi campus offering their program of choice.

How Does It Work?

Distance learning provides students with access to education through a network of various technologies. Instructor and students interact at a distance without having to be physically present in the same location. Distance learning provides students greater flexibility in achieving their educational goals through audio, video, and computer technologies. More Information.

Is This for Me?

Distance Learning is not for everyone. Distance learning in many cases provides students greater flexibility. This flexibility includes freeing students from the constraints of travel or relocation, affording them opportunities to take courses otherwise non-accessible due to scheduling or physical constraints. As a result, students have more control over their own learning; successful completion will depend on the individual student's self-discipline and commitment to the course or program.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of taking a distance learning course is the same as if you take a face-to- face course. Students are responsible for student fees associated with the campus offering the course (host campus). Some campuses will charge fees for distance learning courses. For more information check the fee schedule for the different campuses here.

Enroll at the University of Hawaiʻi

To take a distance learning course or enter a distance learning program, you need submit a System Application Form and apply to the campus at which you plan to earn your degree. This campus will be considered your home campus. For more information go to the Admissions Overview website.

Financial Aid

Once you have been admitted, contact the financial aid office at your home campus to find out what additional types of financial assistance may be available and what the application procedures and deadlines are. If you are receiving financial aid and would like to use it for a distance learning class offered by another campus, inform the financial aid office at your home campus before you register.

What's Offered?

Whether you are seeking to complete a degree or certificate program, or need a couple more classes to complete your degree, the University of Hawaiʻi provides the pathway to reaching your educational goal. Browse through the Distance Learning Programs and Course Listing to select the offerings that best suit your needs.

Activate your UH Email Account

Most online services offered by University of Hawaiʻi requires a student to have a UH Email Account. Once you have been accepted as a University of Hawaiʻi student, you are assigned a free UH Username. Instructions for activating your UH Email Account are available on the Information Technology Services UH Email Account Practices website.

Academic Advising

The University of Hawaiʻi schools and colleges offer a large range of academic advising services. Students are encouraged to contact their specific school or college, from which they expect to earn their degree, to find out more about the advising services are available to them. Or you can contact the Education Center in your area for distance learning assistance.


Registering for a distance learning class is similar to registering for a face- to-face class. Registration for all UH system classes is done via the MyUH Portal.