The McNair Student Achievement ProgramThe University of Hawaii at Manoa

Message from the Director

Dear McNair Scholars,

Welcome to the program. I wish to commend you for your positive attitude towards scholarly achievement. While your group exemplifies diversity at its best, your common denominator is a sincere commitment to doctorate level study. This educational path is both transformative and enriching, but it is not easy. Attainment of a doctoral degree opens doors to exciting career opportunities, but along with these opportunities comes an obligation for sharing your knowledge and skills in a way that will ultimately benefit society. The McNair team prepares you for this obligation by supporting collegial and collaborative activities between McNair peers and faculty members and mentors. I encourage you to take advantage of these activities, keeping in mind that they are meant to nurture a holistic approach to education; by this, I mean an approach that addresses our physical, mental, social, and spiritual connectivity. The McNair program at UH Mānoa recognizes connectivity as a core value, along with compassion, honesty and respect. I am fond of a metaphor that explains the importance of connectivity by likening it to patterns in the natural world. This includes the “V” formation of geese in flight. As each bird flaps its wings, it creates wind currents to uplift its neighbors; whenever the lead bird tires, it rotates back in the wing and another flies in the point position. Whenever an injured bird falls out of formation, two stay behind and help before launching back into another formation. Let us ponder the message in this story: As much as you strive for discipline in your academic work, you will find that caring and supporting one another is also key to attaining your goals.

Aloha me ka ha‘a ha‘a,
Maile S. Goo, Psy. D.

McNair Alumni News!

UH Mānoa graduated its first batch of McNair scholars in 2010 Members of this premier cohort subsequently scattered across the nation in pursuit of post-grad paths-of-choice. But one thing they have in common is hectic academic schedules. It is especially heartening, therefore, when any former Mānoa McNairite takes the time to drop a line to the program home base. If UH Mānoa McNair is on your CV, feel free to let us know how you are doing by emailing And, yes, photos are welcome!
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McNair Students Score Symposium Success

Pose the question - "What did you do for your summer vacation? - to a UH Mānoa McNair scholar and you will likely get an answer that indicates an unparalleled educational experience in developing habits of inquiry as well as problem-seeking and problem-solving.

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2012 McNair Summer News

The beach beckons but summer is research season for McNair scholars. Paired with faculty mentors, McNair students are hunkering down in labs and field settings to complete scientific experiments in time for an annual August symposium. Recent McNair grads are no slackers either, as many find themselves parlaying their undergrad diplomas into special summer projects.
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'Ohana Roots to Rocket Science

The UH McNair Student Achievement Program presented a week of events focused on space science and diversity. Fair-trade were stories from and about scientists whose career achievements and personal journeys give lift-off to the notion of diversity's positive impact in the realms of space science.
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2011 Summer Internships

McNair summer interns follow diverse directions. The internship projects function as a quick immersion in the realm of scientific research. Students must be able to understand and apply concepts within their respective laboratory environments. This is hard work but it is not without rewards, for at the core of each project lies an original question or problem in need of a solution. While internship projects follow the same principles of sound scientific research, this quick sampling of summer 2011 McNair activities spotlights the diversity of project goals that easily mirrors the diversity of the current McNair cohort.
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