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Mission and Commitment

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GPA acknowledges that certain groups are underrepresented in graduate and professional degree programs in areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Underrepresented groups include, Filipinos, Hawaiians, part Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, African Americans, Hispanics, American Indian and Alaska Natives. While there are institutional services to increase competency for students to gain entry into STEM fields, services are not necessarily streamlined or include the cultural competencies that provide the support and retention for underrepresented students. Lack of financial support, absence of mentoring by instructional faculty, and other support mechanisms that facilitate the process from undergrad to graduate limit the entry and pursuit of graduate education. We acknowledge that education is a key strategy in attaining leadership roles in our university as well as in the broader community and we are committed to leveling the field by providing the necessary programming services to support the number of underrepresented students in STEM graduate studies.

GPA has a commitment toward building a sustainable and diverse workforce which is inclusive of all groups.


The following course of action directs GPA toward fulfilling their mission:

  • To provide support and retention activities designed to insure completion of baccalaureate, graduate and doctoral degrees in progress
  • To provide individual mentorship and a holistic approach for student success,
  • To provide access to internship opportunities in Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) fields
  • To offer test preparation for graduate schools
  • To initiate more research on access to higher education
  • To cultivate leadership through training
  • To foster civic leadership through service learning projects that provide community based experiences to strengthen the communities served
  • Develop strategies for increasing the number of UHM faculty positions in STEM fields from underrepresented groups.
  • Build a workforce in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific representing the face of our island cultures