Core Activities

Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP)

STOMP is an outreach program designed to give children in grades K-12 a direct hands-on learning activity to delve into the world of autonomous robotics. Developing children's creativity in problem solving as well as providing an engineering and programming background, the STOMP program makes use of Lego's educational Mindstorm kits with its corresponding ROBOLAB software. College student mentors work alongside the classroom teacher, assist with presentations and bring the expertise into the classrooms with the activities, topics and MindStorm kits. STOMP mentors most importantly, are there to interact with the K-12 students and provide the enrichment activities to spur interest in math and science.

GPA currently supports students in the STOMP program working in various schools.

STOMP student mentors:

  • Reina Ojiri
  • Leanne King
  • Caralyn King
  • Tristan Martinez
  • Robert Young
  • Jose Legaspi
  • Valerie Dao
  • Laurel Pikunas