Terms and Conditions

 Updated Interim COVID-19 Terms and Conditions For the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program 



Participant(s) – eligible person(s) who have submitted a Pre-Registration Form for the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program



  • Participants must be 60 years or older

  • Must have been a bona fide resident of Hawaiʻi for at least one calendar year (365 days) prior to the first day of classes in which they would like to register.

    • Participants may be asked to provide identification (State Driverʻs License, or State ID)

  • In-person/hybrid participation will require COVID-19 full vaccination & TB clearance.

  • Online participation only will not require COVID-19  full vaccination  & TB clearance.


Program Policy and Guidelines

  • Participants may attend 2 classes a semester on a space available basis.

    • Online courses classified on the Course Catalog as “C19” or “FONL”

    • In-person courses will have the day/time and location listed

      • Hybrid courses will have “H19” classification

    • See here for description of UHM Course Formats

  • In-Person/Hybrid participants are subject to abide by 2022 COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination for Students Policy

  • To complete program registration, approval from the instructor must be granted. Completed Faculty Approval must be submitted by the last day to drop classes.


  • Due to COVID-19, access to facilities for the general public may have changed. (e.g. galleries, library, bookstore, cafeteria, public libraries).


  • Participants are not eligible to receive University of Hawaii ID cards or Mānoa One Card.  Facilities, programs, and discounts that require University of Hawaii ID cards are not available to Participants.


  • Participants are responsible for maintaining a personal email account and checking it regularly to see communication from the program office.


  • Participants must have a working knowledge of how to use a computer for e-mail, accessing course materials, and using Laulima.


  • Participants are responsible for remembering their password and login information and keeping it secure for their own use only.


  • Participants are subject to abide by COVID-19 Guidelines for UH Mānoa

  • Participants who use Visitor Internet Access (VIA), Laulima, Zoom classrooms and other course related programs must adhere to all applicable UH policies when using UH network resources. Unauthorized access is prohibited by law in accordance with Chapter 708, Hawaii Revised Statutes; all use is subject to University of Hawaii Executive Policy E2.210.


  • Participants are subject to abide by the University of Hawaii Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedures. See here: http://go.hawaii.edu/fuR


  • Participants must comply with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances.


  • Participants who are given a trespass notice must comply with Department of Public Safety (DPS) requirements and will be removed from the program and not allowed to participate or re-enroll in the program.


  • No academic credit or grade is awarded through this program; no permanent records are kept by the University.


  • Participants recognize access to on-campus services and resources are restricted to UH Mānoa Students, Faculty & Staff and public access is limited.


  • The Office of Student Equity, Excellence, and Diversity (SEED) reserves the discretion to release participants from the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program.


Course Instructors

  • Course Instructors may approve Participants to attend classes as a guest by signing a completed Instructor Approval Form for each Participant.  Course Instructors may grant “Guest Participant” access to course websites on Laulima for Participants.

  • Course Instructors reserve the right not to participate in the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program

  • Course Instructors have the right to dismiss a Participant from a class if the Participant is disruptive or does not abide by the University of Hawaii Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedures.

  • Course Instructors will contact the coordinator of the Senior Citizen Visitor Program/Nā Kūpuna Program if there are questions or concerns about the program or a Participant.

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