HAW 630 :: Research Methods in Hawn Lang
Fall 2013 @UH Hilo

CRN: 13444
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Charles (Kale) Langlas
(808) 974-7639 (Ph)
(808) 974-7737 (Fax)
Course URL: http://hilo.hawaii.edu/catalog/haw-courses-gr.html
Instructional Mode: ITV (HITS)
Dates: 08/26/2013 - 12/20/2013
4:00pm- 6:45pm
Origination Site: UH Manoa
Receive Sites:UH Hilo
Schedule Notes: HITS Location:

UH Hilo Media Services Room 359
UH Manoa Kuykendall Hall Room 203
Course Restrictions: Course restricted to the PhD HILCR cohort program; Students receive instruction at the UH-Hilo campus only, instructor is based at the UH-Manoa campus with specific scheduled instruction dates in Hilo
Course Description: Seminar in which students explore and choose thesis topics.
Textbooks: www.bookstore.hawaii.edu/hilo/SelectTermDept.aspx
Technical Requirements: This interactive video (ITV) course is delivered using the UH Hawaii Interactive Television Service( HITS). It allows students to attend the course at on SPECIFIC DAYS/TIME and CAMPUS other than the campus where the instructor originates the course. Therefore, distance learners must attend each class session at the SPECIFIC DAYS/TIME and SPECIFIC CAMPUS listed above.
Additional Notes: http://www.hawaii.edu/dl/interactivevideo
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