ACC 201 :: Introduction to Financial Accounting
Fall 2013 @Kapiolani CC

31014, 31015
Credit Hours:
Steven Young
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
08/26/2013 - 12/20/2013
Course Requirements:
Course delivery is generally through the use of Internet contents and virtual office meetings. Students MUST check emails regularly to keep up with announcements, homework, assignments, exams, etc.

Please check your MYUH portal account regularly for announcements about class cancellations, UH system announcements, and/or email.
Course Prerequisites:
Recommended Preparation:
ICS 101 or ICS 100; Qualification for MATH 24 or higher; ENG 22 or higher.
Course Description:
An introduction to accounting theory and methods to record and report financial information for sole proprietorships in service and retail operations. Introduction to accounting theory and methods for partnerships.

This class has a 16 week schedule and it is not self-paced.

ACC 201 contributes towards the Certificate of Completion in Tax Preparer and Payroll Preparer.
Use of the WileyPlus homework system is required and an access code is bundled with a NEW textbook at the Kapiolani CC Bookstore. ACC 201 and ACC 202 share the same textbook at Kapiolani CC and the access code generally lasts 12 months.
Technical Requirements:

Minimum Computer Hardware/Software Requirements:
Additional Notes:
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