CE 270 :: Applied Mechanics I
Fall 2013 @Kapiolani CC

CRN: 31783
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Aaron Hanai
Course URL: http://stemcourses.kcc.hawaii.edu/~aaron/ce270/
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 08/26/2013 - 12/20/2013
Schedule Notes: Course delivered online. Meets two days per week in a virtual classroom using Collaborate on T/R from 5:00pm - 6:15pm (required attendance).
Course Requirements: To be successful in this course, students must (1) have full regular access to a computer and to the internet; (2) have basic computer skills; (3) be able to install software; (4) be proficient in navigating WWW and downloading files; (5) have a UH e-mail address and know how to attach files to an e-mail meassage.
Course Prerequisites: Prerequistie(s):
A grade of "C" or higher in PHYS 170; credit or concurrent enrollment in MATH 231.
Course Description: CE 270 is the study of equilibrium of rigid bodies under the action of forces and the application of the principles of mechanics to solve static
problems in engineering.
Textbooks: http://www.bookstore.hawaii.edu/uhkcc/SelectTermDept.aspx
Technical Requirements: http://www.hawaii.edu/dl/onlinelearning

Minimum Computer Hardware/Software Requirements:
Additional Notes: Please contact the instuctor via e-mail (hanaia@hawaii.edu) if you have any questions about this class.
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