THEA 101 :: Introduction to Drama and Theater
Spring 2014 @Kapiolani CC

Credit Hours:
Ashley D Demoville
Instructional Mode:
Instructional Mode:
01/13/2014 - 05/16/2014
Course Requirements:
Students will be required to attend theatrical performances. Tickets may cost. approximately $5 - $20. Formerly DRAM 101.
Course Prerequisites:
Credit in or qualification for or enrollment in ENG 100, ENG 160 or ESL 100.
Course Description:
THEA 101 is a study of selected major forms of World drama, both as literary works and performed theatrical productions. Students will discuss, analyze, and participate in the artful transformation of plays, from “page to stage.”
Technical Requirements:
To be successful in this course, students must have:
1) full access to a computer, camera/phone with filming capability, reliable high speed internet connection and
2) ability to video record themselves and then upload the video to YouTube or another similar site.
Additional Notes:
This THEA 101 class section (CRN 34917) is conducted on the Internet.

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