PHIL 102 :: Introduction to Philosophy: Asian Traditions
Fall 2014 @Hawaii CC - UH Center at West Hawaii

CRN: 17573 (E. HI), 17574 (W. HI)
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Elizabeth Shaver
969-8800 (Ph)
322-4855 (Fax)
Course URL:
Instructional Mode: ITV (HITS)
Dates: 08/25/2014 - 12/17/2014
9:30am- 10:45am
Origination Site: UH Center at West Hawaii (Palamanui Campus)
Receive Sites:UH Hilo
Schedule Notes: This is a hybrid class: class meets 1x in-person each week, the rest of the class is taught online.
Course Restrictions: Course open to UH students residing in Hawaii county only.
Course Prerequisites: PreReq: Eng 21 or Eng 22 or ESL 15 or placement in Eng 100 or placement in Eng 102
Course Description: Universal themes and problems, methods and fields of Philosophy from the historical as well as positional perspectives of Asian traditions
of Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian and Shinto philosophical world views.
Textbooks: 1) Awakening: An Intro w/ MySearchLab, 5th edition
By: Patrick S. Bresnan (REQ)
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2013
ISBN: 9780205887774
Additional Notes: Students may email the instructor with any questions.
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