PHIL 120W :: WI-Science, Technology and Values
Fall 2014 @Hawaii CC

CRN: 17782 (E. HI), 17783 (W. HI), 17784 (DE)
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Jessica Lerma
(808) 934-2765 (Ph)
(808) 974-7757 (Fax)
Course URL:
Instructional Mode: Online
Dates: 08/25/2014 - 12/18/2014
Course Prerequisites: Eng 21 or Eng 22 or ESL 15 or placement in Eng 100 or placement in Eng 102
Course Description: Writing Intensive.
Addresses the relationship between science, technology and human values with a focus on contemporary problems posed by developments
in modern science. Discussion on modern results and historical development of astronomy, evolution and atomic theory. Understanding
the impact of cognitive and other values on world views.
Textbooks: Philosophy of Science (REQUIRED)
By: David Boersema
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 978-0-321-43711-2
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